Monday, June 5, 2017


Joyce sent me on a task to find out what her final funeral costs would be, so we could transfer money.
Which I believe now, it was so she could be alone with herself, sensing that her end was near and that she would not want anyone to be with her, other than herself when she passed. We were supposed to both go but that morning she was not fit to travel. Though I had a feeling that all was not well, we gave each other a kiss and said our usual “Kiss Noise Love You Goodbye” After the appointment, as I drove home I had a very strange feeling come over me
I looked at the clock, it was 2:15 pm and I felt something that is hard to describe but I'll try. It was like I was being charged by electro-static charge or vibrated from within, for lack of a better words. It was the most intense tingly peaceful warmth that I have ever felt. It started in my spine in my shoulder area and spread to the rest of my body in waves, down to my feet, up to my head and out through my hands. This went on for a couple of minutes and at one point I could not feel myself driving home and then a voice said; “Slow down; No Need to Hurry”. I questioned myself; "Is this what hand of GOD feels like?” I was fearful but not to the point of trying to stop it. I just relaxed, slowed down and drove the posted highway speed back to our home... Nothing to worry about yet flash backs of my life.
I could now back track through the many jobs that I did, I ran CPR Diesel Electric Locomotives way before I could drive a car. Became an electrician, the economy tanked so I drove Taxi and one of my last fares for each night was driving this blue haired Librarian down to the CPL Central Branch.
She must have liked my little conversation but it was only because I thought “WOW” what can I say, or talk about with her? After all she is a Librarian and must know everything on every topic that there is.
I would only embarrass myself with my uneducated conversation, so I remained silent and just drove.
The economy tanked yet again and I ended up as a Security Guard at that Library, eventually I acquired a job in the Magazine and Newspaper Department in 1984.
Two years after this in 1986 is when I met Joyce, she was being given a tour of the place and she was introduced as a new Library Circulation Department worker.
Both of us were married at the time but each day we shared lunch, stories of family and dreams together and became friends. Neither of our marriages where very happy events and I always thought secretly, what would it be like to have such a wonderful person as a wife?
Some people do not know what they have when they have it, some people take what they have for granted and some think that what they have is their personal right.  For if you got a girl that loves you and who wants to wear your ring, now that is lucky! Keep mindful that you both must work at your relationship as all relationships must be grown and be nurtured or they will die.
Joyce was a hard worker, 2 jobs at the Library and cleaning company after work plus a caring Mother to boot. Great cook as well, for during our lunch times 28 years ago I would be jealous of the hot left-over meals that she always brought, compared to my all that I could afford apple.
She advanced up the Library ladder to the Social Science Department from the hell of Circulation but still came down to collect the morning newspapers which were delivered to Mags and News each day. Sometimes just to see her I delivered the papers to her and maybe out of shy embarrassment or what. One of her sayings to other co-workers was; “if you can handle Richard in the morning, you can handle anything!” Sort of prophetic in the long run of things, I would now say.
We Were Library Workers Just East of Revelstoke;
Part 3 by Richard Abbenbroek…

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