Tuesday, December 26, 2017


We were at times, had a hard life full of working.
Overtime with lots or not nothing much to show,
A life of dreaming, with nowhere to go.
The crows are now in the kitchen.
The wolves are at our door.
Joyce out of pain and is with me no more…
Yet I cannot tell my daughters.
Of all the things that I fear,
In a whole world of shit, I am still alive but scared.
Though I am not afraid of that bright Glory from up above.
As Dying’s just another way to leave momentarily, the Ones Whom You Love…

Life for some are a series of losses and multiple losses that I have from my past has only extended my journey through Grief. Past losses have included the deaths of loved ones and pets, job displacement, marriages 3 not including Joyce, child abduction and not to forget to mention friends and family moving, or just stepping out of my life as GOD said that I need them not any more, as they served their purpose in His plans for me. These tangible losses include many other things which make me feel like a Biblical JOB clone or a bad self-written Country Western Song. So, if you have dealt with losses, you may have feelings of regret or sadness that will affect how you Grieve your current loss, as the old losses contaminate, intensify and  for you complicate any new loss…

Once you understand that you will experience the effects of a lifetime of multiple losses, you will be better prepared for the depth and the different facets of Grief that may have been confusing at first. Understanding that at all time, your Grieving Process will help keep you moving forward and not backward. So, like the Boy Scout Motto “Be Prepared”, to Grieve all your losses on your life’s journey, just as I am learning this also the hard way.

For from inside myself, I can truly say that they create fear, depression, anger, loneliness, and despair, as these emotions come and go with dizzying unpredictability.
My life has become like a roller-coaster ride, one that at times it seems that I cannot seem to get off!
Then I'm told to do not give up and or leap off, as I still have purpose and meaning in my life.
Essentially this is what I am told and that I am to; “Stay the Course” on this ride, at the same time (please NOTE), one cannot hurry my Grieving Process. Each time one of these emotions comes flooding back, it is a sign, so they say is how I am recovering?

All my feelings, fears, despairing thoughts, and emotions rush back into my thought process, every second, minute, hour of every day. It's uncontrollable and yet my circle of people who care, shrink smaller and smaller. The reasons vary, from their illogic, spooked fears or just plain misunderstanding about me or at one of my many tormented tears.

Then on the other hand, I thank GOD for the people who do have the knowledge understanding without judgement as He helped me to forgive even the just plain, mean comments. GOD, who gives me strength and helps me keep things within and for those with judgmental misunderstanding again, I still forgive.

So, this year again I am not celebrating Christmas, no tree, no decorations, no wreaths, maybe only a few small gifts that I may give or thankfully receive. No Christmas dinner, again just me/my Evie Dog and my roommate JESUS CHRIST; for whom this day is really all about.
This Christmas I can honestly say that my Ghosts of Christmas Present, Future and Past; I shall have no Jacob Marley to visit me as I know thanks to Christ, that in my life’s business I do have Caring and Love for my fellow man and another thanks to JESUS, I am attached to no self-made sin chain!
With Love From,
Sir Richard, & Evie Dog.

Friday, December 22, 2017


My name is Evie Dog and my human who rescued me is Richard Daddy.
Being a dog who must survive on garbage and rodents, while keeping safe and not becoming food is hard. I was always moving and always cold and scared.
From this I was so interested in delicacies that when Daddy Richard left a dryer sheet in my clean bedding I ate it, well I did share two corners with him.
Though Daddy Richard is upset with himself that I ate it. In my x-ray today, it showed that even though the dryer sheet is not a problem but that I also have a bullet in my back near my spine, that cannot be removed. As shown in my x-ray I have a
pure lead pellet that will deform the best, and deformation causes tissue damage and expends energy in the quarry. Synthetic, lead-free pellets often travel completely through the animal, exiting the other side (not good) and leaving a painful, but not immediately deadly wound (not good). So, the animal runs off to hide and may suffer a slow and painful death.
So, if you can make a forever home for a homeless Dog or yes, even a Cat then do so!
We will return your LOVE Unconditionally! PROMISE!!!!
Written for me; Evie Dog,
by Daddy Richard.
P.S. the dryer sheet has past through me but keep in mind that they are dangerous but taste so good. Well sort of, I think rabbit poop is a better choice, just this dogs opinion.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017


from Sir Richard and Evie Dog...
As my gift to all of you; I love taking photos so here is a
Slideshow of photos which I have taken
and I hope that you enjoy them!

Christmas 2012 Photos by Sir Richard

So, may you and yours all have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Sincerely and with LOVE;
 To you and you and you and YOU!
“Glory to GOD in the Highest and on earth, peace and good will towards all man.”
Luke 2:14

Sunday, December 17, 2017



See how the new Canadian Bill C-23 will start it!
“I must say, I am hearing a little bit from my American counterparts,” Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale told the senators. “They are anxious for Canada to get its legislation done as well.”

A new bill passed in U.S. Congress and it's likely to help speed Canadians across the border!
There are implications in this bill for all travelers to the US and through the US as well, according to Tim McSorley with the International Civil Liberties Monitoring Group.

He says Canadian travelers at pre-clearance checkpoints who don’t like the way an interview with a US customs agent is going can no longer walk away.

“They’d be able to question you until they determine why you don’t want to cross. And if you don’t tell the truth or refuse to answer, that would be considered an offense and could lead to suspicion of other offenses,” he says.

If a passenger is strip searched by an agent, McSorley says the bill would limit the ability of a Canadian traveler to make a claim in court.
The bill would also give Homeland Security agents the ability to carry guns in Canadian ports, McSorley says.

Those expanded powers include the ability to carry firearms and conduct strip-searches in Canadian airports, as well as the authority to detain Canadians should they decide to withdraw from pre clearance procedures. Also, US officers will be able to carry weapons in Canada...

“Right now, Canada doesn’t have any pre-clearance areas in the United States, but since C-23 has passed, Canada will now be able to negotiate to set up those areas there.”

These areas could also pose an issue for permanent residents, as they may be denied entry and told to try again at a land crossing, which may be far from the port they were trying to return from.

The Bill C-23 also expands the powers of US customs officers doing pre-clearance screening at Canadian airports and other departure points. Workers claim it gives US Homeland Security too much power over Canadian workers’ jobs.

“And I’m not sure they really understand that is a possibility.”
Again, one part of the new Bill Authorizes U.S. Border Guards to question anyone attempting to leave a pre-clearance area about their identity and their reasons for leaving? Currently travelers are able to freely leave if they feel a line of questioning is abusive or prejudicial, or for any other reason!

Another part authorizes U.S. guards to conduct a strip search of a traveler if Canadian border guards are not available to do it, or decline to do so.
Also F.Y.I. Keep in mind that as of July 1st 2018 Pot becomes Legal in Canada. If your are asked by the US Border Guards if you have ever smoked pot? Legal or not you will be banned for ever from entering the US of A.

Posted by,
Sir Richard...