Monday, September 26, 2011


A Piece of 9/11 and Memories of Fall:

We Would Lose All HOPE?

People talk a lot as if the most important thing in life is to always see things for what they really are. But everything we do, every plan we make, is kind of a lie. We close our eyes and pretend that the day won't ever come when we won't need to make any more plans. But for all of us that day always comes. Hope could be a form of a lie to ourselves but it is still the best. We sort of trick ourselves to keep going, or we would lose all HOPE, followed by FAITH, then Ourselves…

by Sir Richard...

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


MY NEW CANCER SURVIVAL IDEA: First I thought when I found out that I had Stage 4 Soft Tissue Sarcoma Cancer and asked, “Why God”, are you letting this happen to me? Why do YOU not take this away from me now?? Basically, “WHY ME LORD????” With a very honest, selfish, childlike slant on my own horror, to this I pondered and pondered. So much so , that I became “VERY” frustrated, sad, angry and I even at times vented my displeasure to others and to GOD many times over.
I asked GOD, “could I not instead win the lottery”, or “why could I not have become famous”, why must I be blessed, with a possible shortened life due to Cancer? As I am far too young, to be going home to heaven right now. The fear of saying goodbye so early would even wake me up at night, as my “FAITH” was shaken to its core. “Come on GOD I would ask, please just talk to me; let me know what and why I deserve this?” The silence then became deafening and myself pitying thoughts, took over every aspect of how I was living.
In Church you would hear of how we need to give thanks to the LORD and I would ask; “Thanks For What?”
“Thanks, such as in my case; a bed reserved for me in the Cancer Ward, of the Tom Baker Cancer Center!” Or Thanks for our existence on this crappy world that we all live on, where; war, fear, hunger, disease and hate are the way of things? So, just like the Cancer does, my anger, bitterness and self-pity started to eat me from the inside out, until after a few more shocks I finally reached Rock Bottom & I Was Down On My Knees…
Then it came to me one morning at breakfast, “A GOD Thought”, if you wish or believe. That maybe the reason for my possible death and by the way, I plan to live a long time, as I believe that “Cancer Can Be Beaten!” Maybe this happened to me as an example to others as to how to handle their Cancer, or to assist someone who knows of someone with Cancer. GOD maybe, is using me as an example on how to handle it. Yes Cancer, with a Big “C”, for when you get it that is how you see it. After all, many times I have been and am a “Volunteer” for others with my life’s experiences, why not a “Volunteered, Cancer Example” for others?
Then as I looked down on my tasty blue berries in my morning cereal, maybe I do have much to be thankful for. After all I have a wife who really Loves me, grandchildren, children, extended family, Team Hope Family, friends and yes even my puppies who really Love me and care! How blessed am I and “Thank You GOD!”
For, I am grateful for the Food on my table, as I can pretty much eat whatever/whenever I want, “Thank You GOD!” as I have great country to live in, a home, heat, clean water and I have a car, no I have 2 cars, that I can drive around any time when many have nothing! “Thank You GOD!” as I have a computer to send this New Cancer Survival Idea of mine, too many parts of the world. “Thank You GOD!” for the memories of my life past and current and these memories I must admit, are mostly “GOOD”.
“Thank You GOD!” for friends whom I really Love and Love me and have Loved me, up to 40 plus years now. As I write this I know that I can call some of these people and say “I Love You” and they will respond back, “I Love You Too”, can many say that? Most important I have GOD, who will always and has always, Loved me!
So what took me so long to “Give Thanks To HIM” for all the many little things that are not so little, which I am blessed with? For thinking about these many blessings, I now feel very Loved, Warm and Cozy. For my cancer is now a fightable small “c” as I can now see, how well GOD has taken care of me!
By Sir Richard aka Richard Abbenbroek a small “c” Cancer Warrior!
P.S. I now tossed in this song as it brings back memories of my past & present, Day by Day =

Saturday, September 10, 2011


FLYING AFTER 9/11 – was with my first plane ride to Team Hope training in Washington DC in 2003 as it was just under 2 years past 9/11.

My wife and I arrive at the American Airlines counter at the Calgary International airport. My wife is there to see me off and also as emotional support due to my (with age), newly acquired fear of flying. When the first question the counter attendant asked is; “Sir, if you are called upon during your flight, to defend this aircraft will you?”

Taken aback with this question and with rapid memories of the 9/11 flights 93, 11, 175 &77. I first looked and my unbelieving wife, as she knows how much flying is now bothering me. Then I said what one could only say and that was “Yes!” The second question that I was asked right after a, “well we have to ask these questions Sir” but “because I was to be seated at the window seat Escape Hatch, would I have any problems opening it for others in time of an Emergency?”

I explained to this inquisitive counter attendant that it can be guaranteed, that I would be the first one out on that aircrafts wing “No Worries about opening that hatch, should the need arise!”

So then began my very “White Knuckled Flight”, to Washington DC via a short stop in Chicago. The first leg of my trip went well even though I was watching any and all bathroom traveling passenger for any strange movements. Just as we were about to land, the plane lurched up and started to climb. Of course I freaked, dug my fingers into my arm rests until my fingers turned white. As I knew what this means, this means we cannot land for whatever reason and they have to dump fuel! That’s it I am toast, this could only happen to me and I was sooo glad now to be seated by this Emergency Door! Should I open it now was my only question but being once in the military, I knew orders must first be given. Waiting for these, is when the pilot announced that we had to circle for a bit, as the plane ahead of us blew a tire (I could see this event below me now), and thought airplanes get flats? Look at all those planes!

We finally landed and I could have kissed the ground. I loved the moving sidewalks (the Jetsons were ahead of their time) but this is such a big airport, looks sort something out of Star Wars. The last leg of my flight was in an even smaller plane and at the rear was seated a big guy who really looked Cop like to me. Thirty minutes out of Washington DC we were informed that we could no longer visit the wash rooms and if we got up the big guy (I was right), in the back would arrest or shoot us. With the plane, banking this and that way, this caused my white knuckle response again, one moment sideways to the point of (hey that guy is having a BBQ, wonder what’s on the grill?) to yes, that is a missile battery down there! My God, is this a way to welcome a Canadian, I wonder if they still remember my relatives who were here 200 years ago??? I hate flying as I wish we were down, so the Orange Alert at the Chicago Airport is really taken serious here!!! Darn it, another steep turn, I think I might lose my lunch…Oh well, Oh God.

Ahhhhhhhhh they are landing, finally down on Tera firma and just wait, yes just wait to get up and leave the aircraft, as it not good to scare the Yanks. By having this Canadian running out of the plane screaming like a little girl, yes just keep your cool, you did it, as have just flown after 9/11.

Witten by Richard Abbenbroek aka Sir Richard...

Photo by Sir Richard
9/11 - 10th Anniversary Tribute Song - My Immortal performed by Evanescence

Friday, September 9, 2011


WHAT 9/11 LEAD ME TO – Because of a previous 2 promises (one to GOD), I was already involved in assisting Parents of Missing Children. When invited to join Team Hope, I jumped at the chance to help my American Cousins with their Missing:
WHAT 9/11 LEAD ME TO – When Hurricane Katrina hit, as I could not assist back in 2001 at “9/11 Ground Zero”, I thought now and also through GOD, here is my chance to physically help and I did try to help my American Cousins with tragedy:
Katrina Photos =
WHAT 9/11 LEAD ME TO – Why stop there, for from 9/11, Team Hope, Hurricane Katrina and GOD then motivated me to go out of my comfort zone and assist my South African Cousins with setting up computers to help educate when none existed.
South African Photos: Richard's 2008 Africa Mission Pictures #1 =
Richard's 2008 Africa Mission Pictures #2 =
WHAT 9/11 LEAD ME TO – This is what 9/11 has lead me to do and out of this HORROR, IT CHANGED MY LIFE TO DO A LITTLE BIT OF GOOD, AS I AM SURE IT DID THIS FOR YOU TOO!


by Richard Abbenbroek...aka Sir Richard
Team H.O.P.E. USA/CANADA Volunteer
Child Find Alberta Volunteer
National Center for Missing and Exploited Children Volunteer
Missing Kids. CA

Thursday, September 8, 2011

LOVE AN EVIL – 9/11/11

LOVE AN EVIL – 9/11/11

Hate is something that is learned, that turns into Evil. Evil is when you apply that hate against others and when you can kill and destroy as easily as the unconscious flutter of one’s eye lid. For Evil is the absence of all Love for anyone and anything, making murder or destruction on an individual or grand scale, become normal.
Man has been capable of Evil since the dawn of time and Man, has never changed one iota ever. Beware of this inner part of us all, for Evil’s teaching will soon follow. As Evil is bigger than anyone can imagine! Evil is the absolute opposite of all Love and Love, is why we are all here.
A Choice, which we all have been given and awake within our hearts each and every day…
By Sir Richard

Watch this = 102 Minutes That Changed America:
102 Minutes That Changed America is a 102-minute American television special documentary film that is commercial free.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011



"September 11 was just another date on the calendar for all of us. Now, when we hear that date, it brings to mind all sorts of things, from fear to anger to sadness to, for the thousands of people in my shoes, thoughts of all the loss that we have experienced personally. We're left with choices about what we will do with those feelings. The choices for people like me and for many of us in this room, are to look at all the things we've lost or to look at all the things we have; to become bitter or to become better; to live in fear or to live in hope. I've chosen to live in hope. . . ."The crowd interrupted me with a burst of applause, which I appreciated, but I didn't want anyone to misunderstand the source of my strength. "The reason I've been able to do that is not because I'm a strong person. I don't want anyone to go out of here thinking, Wow, she's so strong; look at her! The reason I've chosen to live in hope is because of the heavenly, eternal perspective God has given me. That tells me that fear comes from feeling out of control, and if September 11 has taught us anything, it is that we are never really in control. Todd and I were two people who planned for the future; type A's who had all our ducks in a row and yet we were not in control on September 11.

"But hope comes from knowing who is in control. Hope comes from knowing that we have a sovereign, loving God who is in control of every event of our lives. . . . In the book of Jeremiah (29:11) it says that God has a plan for me, a plan to prosper me and not to harm me; a plan to give me a hope and a future. And that is what holds me together every day when I get out of bed in the morning: to know that is true, and it has been proven true in my life to date. It was true on September 11, and it will be true for as many years as God has left for me, and for whatever He has in store for me . . . and for my children.

"It's a time of uncertainty, and many people are looking for something to cling to. I hope for you that you can cling to the one who has all the power, and all the love, and all the care, because He's the one who's really in charge."

from "Lets Roll" pp 277 by Lisa Beamer
Posted by Sir Richard

Monday, September 5, 2011


9/12 HINDSIGHT = AND THANK YOU – to all those who are serving and have served our respective countries since 9/11. Imagine if we would all have pulled together like we did in World War 2 starting on 9/12. Then this CREDIT CARD WAR would not have happened! As we would now be debt free, from this exaggerated debt and this 9/11 War would have finished long ago, for you and me.

A Sir Richard Thought...
For the Canadian Fallen =

Saturday, September 3, 2011


It Is September The 11th, From Me To You

It is a crisp, cool, foggy fall day.
My walk with Tribble dog is now through.
It is September the 11th, from me to you.

Frantic emails from friends at work,
It’s on the net and radio, can you see this on your home TV?
A small plane crash, like Patsy Cline’s Mountain but is it all true?
It is September the 11th, from me to you.

The anchorwoman says that there is just a little bit of falling debris.
“Oh my God!” the whole freaking building is coming down, is what I see!
4 – 5 – 6 more planes are on the way?
No one has a clue…
It is September the 11th, from me to you.

My wife and I are now going to work, past the Calgary International Airport we go.
We see all the passenger planes parked wing tip to wing tip, row upon row.
No jet contrails, no aircraft sounds and for the first time in my life,
only the birds flew.
It is September the 11th, from me to you.

Our minds are not on our work, as we are numb through this whole day.
For we hear stories of those who died, helping those who had to stay.
Later more stories of those who bravely stopped the evil that flew.
It is September the 11th, from me to you.

Entombed in the mountains of debris are up to 3,000 dead, what can one do?
To fight the evil of man, God has shown me, the same as you.
That we must help those who are down, troubled and stand up for love and what is true.
For from this hell we should have learned, that this was our wake up call,
that we all went through.
It is September the 11th, from me to you.

Written by Sir Richard…
For September 11th