Saturday, December 27, 2014


Just as my tears seem to dry, for crying every hour will not bring you back again.
Emotionally I am still so fragile, for I now know that GOD took you home to end your suffering and pain.
Yet from Jesus I have receiving an inner peace, that seems to slowly come.
I am carried through each day, with the many good memories of you that will last for me, ever so long.
Good memories of you Joyce; are the reasons that you will never be gone…
**Written with Love for you Joyce by your husband Richard...

Wednesday, December 24, 2014



Monday, December 22, 2014


I guess GOD wanted a personal performance and at the same time remove Joe from his pain.
Posted by Sir Richard.

Friday, December 19, 2014



I walk on a path deep in the frozen winter’s snow and the noise of loneliness fills my head.
For my thoughts are of my Wife Joyce, other members of Family, Friends and even my Furry Friends that are long since dead.

I listen to the wind blow through the trees, on my face I can feel and see my breath freeze.
My breath deepens and my heart slows as the cold wears on me, I fall at times to my knees.

I hear their voices loud; in this winter’s air I hear their voices so very clear.
Visualizing each one of their faces, I can see them through every single tear.

Please be Gentle with me.

For I realize that without JESUS and my puppy dogs, I would be alone and no one at home with me.
Is this I wonder, how the rest of my whole life will be?

I do have people that I call friends, only a dedicated few talk; but how many will be there in the end?
When death comes knocking also at my door; will there be someone there I can still call my friend?

Yet I can still feel the blood flowing through my veins.
I sense this winter’s cold in my head, accompanied by sharp brain numbing pains.

Please be Gentle with me.

Where am I? There is nothing here nowadays that I recognize.
Trees begin to blend with bushes, I cannot trust my eyes.

As I am living in this sense of loneliness, like I have never felt before.
I wish I had someone to talk to such as Joyce, as I grab at the falling snow…

I find myself wanting to tell someone of all the things I feel.
How the only thing that I ever wanted was a Wife like Joyce, who was so real.

Never thought it was too much to ask for, a Love to treat me the way I treated them.
So many people have a warped understanding of someone that you Love, who is also your best friend.

For as I trudge in this snow on and on, I can also feel the sweat pour from every pore of my being.
Also I can hear everything, even the most distant of birds giving me a winter’s song of warning.

Please be Gentle with me.

In this cold I feel my thoughts slow, as if I were on the edge of sleep.
Trying as I struggle to make sense of these feelings, that are running in me so deep.

Slipping on ice, falling, I roll onto my back and look up at the sky.
Today I think, is a beautiful day for me to die.

For this is just a random thought which I cannot explain?
Is it I wonder, because I wish to feel no more cold, loneliness and pain?

Then I would no longer hear the faint sound of my heart beat.
Again I hear JESUS CHRIST, GOD my Father and HOLY SPIRIT Voice say; “Come and get thyself up on thy feet!”
Please O LORD,
Please be Gentle with me…
by Sir Richard

Thursday, December 18, 2014


It is winter in Canada
and the gentle breezes blow.
Seventy miles an hour,

at thirty-five below.

Oh, how I love Canada,
when the snow's up to your butt.
When you take a breath of winter,
and your nose gets frozen shut.

Yes, the weather here is wonderful.
So I guess I'll hang around,
For I could never leave Canada,cause I am frozen to the ground...

Photos and written by
Sir Richard...



Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Black Men Matter,
Chicano Men Matter,
First Nation Men Matter,

Asian Men Matter,
Women Matter,
For Not In Any Order,
We All Matter! Unless Your 
by Sir Richard..

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


In Australia during the recent “Hostage Taking”, I prayed for the Hostages and the Hostage taker, asking for a peaceful end to this obviously sick man’s dangerous act.
Sadly, the Police stormed in and 2 Innocent People were killed along with the Hostage Taker. While this was happening a Muslim woman took off her Hijab in fear while traveling on a bus. A fellow female bus traveler & non-Muslim told this woman to put her Hijab back on, as she said; 
Maybe my prayer was answered by Our LORD GOD after all! 
Offers to travel with Muslims as a gesture of solidarity now World wide:…/australia-hostage-illridew…/index.html…

@CNN #illridewithyou #sydneysiege
In my belief of JESUS CHRIST He would have said #illridewithyou to that scared Muslim woman and & I also repeat to all people scared to ride a bus or go about their daily business because of what they believe, that I will also; #illridewithyou too! Amen? 
Posted by Sir Richard... 
P.S. The song Taxi was on the radio when I was a Taxi driver and I took many, Rides/Trips/Fares & met 2 of my wives. Eh, it’s me.

Sunday, December 14, 2014


We at times had a hard life full of working.
Overtime with lots or not nothing much to show,
A life of dreaming, with nowhere to go.
The crows are in the kitchen.
The wolves are at the door.
Joyce and our earthly paradise, is no more…
Yet I cannot tell my daughters,
Of all the things that I am scared of,
But I am not afraid of that bright Glory from up above.
As Dying’s just another way to leave momentarily, the Ones That You Love…

Life for some are a series of losses and multiple losses that I have from my past has only extended my journey through Grief. Past losses have included the deaths of loved ones and pets, job displacement, marriages 3 not including Joyce, child abduction and soon the loss of my home, not to forget to mention friends and family moving, or just stepping out of my life. All of these tangible losses include many other things which make me feel like a JOB clone or a bad self-written Country Western Song. So if you have dealt with losses, you may have feelings of regret or sadness that will affect how you Grieve your current loss, as the old losses actually contaminate, intensify, and complicate my new loss…

Once you understand that you are experiencing the effects of a lifetime of multiple losses, you will be better prepared for the depth and the different facets of Grief that may have been confusing at first. Understanding that at all time, your Grieving Process will help keep you moving forward and not backward. So like a Boy Scout “Be Prepared”, to Grieve all your losses on this journey, just as I am learning the hard way.

For from inside myself, I can truly say that they create fear, depression, anger, loneliness, and despair, as these emotions come and go with dizzying unpredictability. My life has become like a roller-coaster ride, one that I cannot seem to get off!
Then I'm told to do not give up and or leap off, as I do supposedly still have purpose and meaning in my life. So essentially, I am told that I am to; “Stay the Course” on this ride, at the same time (please NOTE), one cannot hurry my Grieving Process. Each time one of these emotions comes flooding back, it is a sign so they say that I am recovering? Though I feel I shall, “NEVER FRACKIN GET OVER THIS ONE!”

All my feelings, fears, despairing thoughts, and emotions rush back into my thought process, every second, minute, hour of every day. It's uncontrollable and yet my circle of people who care, shrink smaller and smaller. The reasons vary, from their illogic, spooked fears or just plain misunderstanding about me or at one of my tormented cries.

Then on the other hand, I thank GOD for the people who do have the knowledge understanding without judgement and He helps me to forgive the just plain mean comments. The People who really care about me and assist me while I travel on this ride of horror are now few. GOD, who gives me strength and helps me keep things within and also for those with judgemental misunderstanding again, I still forgive.

So this year I am not celebrating Christmas, no tree, no decorations, no wreaths, maybe only a few small gifts that I may give. No dinners, no visits, again just me/my puppies and my Roommate JESUS CHRIST; for whom this day is really all about. Yet I can still say “Happy Christmas”, and celebrate the “Christmas Truce of 1914” but this Christmas
it is just too painful without Joyce.
This Christmas I can honestly say that my Ghosts of Christmas Present, Future and Past; I shall have no Jacob Marley to visit me as I know thanks to Christ, that in my life’s business I do have Caring and Love for my fellow man and also another thanks to JESUS, I am attached to no self-made chain!
Sir Richard, Lucy Dog & Lily Dog.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


MY own journey through the grief of my wife Joyce death cannot be compared to another person's journey. I will grieve like anyone does but in my own way and in my own time.
Grief does not have a set time limit; the only certainty, is that it will take longer than you would want it to. After all, it has only been six months since Joyce has gone to heaven but at times it seems like six years.
“Then a I ran upstairs looked at Joyce with Lucy Dog sitting beside her, as Joyce’s eyes told me that she was dead…
She just lay there so silent, so still, in our king-sized bed.
I now saw what the Lupus had finally done and at that moment, I wished that I was also dead.
So I called 911, did CPR, all the while I was crying, for I never knew there were worse things than dying”

"For grief is a process that cannot be rushed," a pastor once told me, who has dealt with hundreds of people who have gone through this loss. He said; that what he could tell me is that it is an extremely hard mental and physical process and an even longer process than any of us would ever want to believe!”

"He continued to say; Going through grief is like going through a tunnel. The bad news is the tunnel is dark, long and feels lonely. The good news is that once you enter into that tunnel, you are already started on your way out."
“These days I really feel like an old man, all tired, stiff, bent and sore.
A weary old man, who lost his wife and wondered why did she have to die, what for?
As this question comes up, though many do not comprehend why; "That at times I feel so tired of living, I would and do say that I had enough now, please just show me the door."
For gone is my best friend, my confident, no better interaction by any one person ever, had I during my life and yet I ask GOD THE FATHER why am I now so alone for, question?

For I believe that He does answers back;
“Yes says He, your journey is your own Richard but remember that I am here and that you are really never alone!
So do not be afraid to cry out to Me, even thus.”

“How long must I wrestle with my thoughts.
and day after day have sorrow in my heart?
How long will my enemy triumph over me?" (Psalm 13:2).
How long, my Lord, how long?
For this tunnel is so dark and long, FATHER GOD;
I beseech thee; “Lord GOD Almighty, show me Your light!”

“So with my still poor health, I continue to go to the hospital and walk past the crippled,
or wounded, the maimed.
As they travel down halls, to their assigned treatment areas.
I travel with on the same elevators, the armless, the legless, the blind, cancerous,
the just plain sick and or insane.
Those poor, poor, people, just like my wife and I, hoping to get help for what ails them all?
It is called “Survival” as a given name”
I say, Amen.
Posted by Sir Richard…

Monday, December 8, 2014


First listen to a Great Song:

As I remember:
9:10 pm Calgary City time December 8th 1980, I was in my taxi and it was raining that night.
Very strange for an Albertan winter, as I was mostly concerned about driving on the frozen roads later.
Rain is good though, as it brings me fares so as long as I logged many trips then maybe I could code 6 early that night and skip the city street curling rinks later.
Two hours ahead of me at 11:10 pm New York City time, John Winston Lennon was taken to the emergency room of Roosevelt Hospital and was pronounced dead on arrival.
The news spread across the radio like wild fire, first he was shot but just wounded an then, at 10:00 pm Calgary time just like JFK, it was fatal and John Winston Lennon was no more...
Shock is what hit me first, then rage as I squeezed out as many fares, as I could but my heart was not into my work anymore.
I then was able to code 6 and went home to glue myself to the TV for the next 24 hours. In front of which I mostly I cried and cried like never before, just one more depressing event in my life!
Was it for myself I cried?
Probably, as this was the day my music died 34 years ago today,

John Winston Lennon 1940 - 1980
“I'm sick and tired of hearing things
From uptight, short-sighted, narrow-minded hypocrites
All I want is the truth
Just gimme some truth” JWL

"But In My Life Never Forgotten"
for you John, by Sir Richard...


Should you choose to join ISIS instead of peaceably staying in Canada and maybe even playing Hockey.
I'm just saying, you may find this kind of welcoming committee when you get to the so called land of ISIS.
So remember, to try and keep your sick on the ice! eh? 

Saturday, December 6, 2014



What might it read if you received a Letter from Jesus Christ about Christmas?

My Dear Children,
It has come to My attention that many of you are upset that folks are taking My name out of the season.  How I personally feel about this celebration can probably be most easily understood by those of you who have been blessed with children of your own. I don't care what you call the day. If you want to celebrate My birth, just GET ALONG AND LOVE ONE ANOTHER!

Now, having said that let Me go on. If it bothers you that the town in which you live doesn't allow a scene depicting My birth, then just get rid of a couple of Santas and snowmen and put in a small Nativity scene on your own front lawn. If all My followers did that there wouldn't be any need for such a scene on the town square because there would be now many of them all around your town.

Stop worrying about the fact that people are calling the tree a holiday tree, instead of a Christmas tree. It was I who made all trees. You can remember Me anytime you see any tree. Decorate a grape vine if you wish: I actually spoke of that one in a teaching, explaining who I am in relation to you and what each of our tasks were. If you have forgotten that one, look up John 15:1-8. See: 

If you want to give Me a present in remembrance of My birth here is My wish list. Choose something from it:

1. Instead of writing protest letters objecting to the way My birthday is being celebrated, write letters of Love and Hope. to your media and politicians asking that starting with yourself. You want also the rest of you, all year long given more equal treatment for all people including the poor and needy but also any other race, of different creed or color, religion or sex! As they are terribly afraid and lonely this time of year. I know, as many of them have started to follow Me and they tell Me all the time.

2. Visit someone in a nursing home. You don't have to know them personally. They just need to know that someone cares about them.

3. Instead of writing your politicians complaining about the wording on the cards their staff sent out this year, why don't you write and tell them that you'll be praying for them and their families this year. Then follow it up in your salutation with, It will be nice hearing from them again.

4. Instead of giving your children a lot of gifts you can't afford and they don't need, spend time with them. Tell them the story of My birth, and why I came to live with you down here. Hold them in your arms and remind them that I Love them all!

5 Pick someone that has hurt you in the past and forgive him or her.

6. Did you know that someone in your town will attempt to take their own life this season because they feel so alone and hopeless?  Since you don't know who that person is, try giving everyone you meet a warm smile; it could make the difference.

7. Instead of nit picking about what the retailer in your town calls the holiday, be patient with the people who work there. Give them a warm smile and a kind word. Even if they aren't allowed to wish you a "Merry Christmas" that doesn't keep you from wishing them one. Then stop shopping there on Sunday. If the store didn't make so much money on that day they'd close and let their employees spend the day at home with their families. As money is not everything and if not shared it is usually used for selfish or evil reasons.

8. If you really want to make a difference, support a missionary-- especially one who takes My love and Good News to those who have never heard My name.

9. Here's a good one. There are individuals and whole families in your town who not only will have no "Christmas" tree, but neither will they have any presents to give or receive. If you don't know them, buy some food and a few gifts and give them to your Church to share, or the Salvation Army or some other charity, which believes in Me and again, they will make the delivery for you.

10. Finally, if you want to make a statement about your belief in and loyalty to Me, then behave like a Christian. Don't do things in secret that you wouldn't do in My presence. Let people know by your actions that you are one of Mine.

Don't forget; I am GOD and can take care of Myself. Just love Me and do what I have told you to do. I'll take care of all the rest. Check out the list above and get to work; time is short. I'll help you, but the ball is now in your court!
And do have a most blessed Christmas with all those whom you Love and remember.
Sincerely - JESUS CHRIST… 
This was Posted by Sir Richard…
No Christmas this year, cause I want for not.

Friday, December 5, 2014


Grief from the death of a loved one, I can only describe as a Shock that is a sudden & yet violent disturbance to one’s mind & body. So I would use the same term to describe the effect of Grief as like the shock from an electric current passing through your body. Just like the time that I was electrocuted when I was a young electrician apprentice. Actually the worst of one of the many times that I was electrocuted and at this time I had a feeling of “Great Pain” run through my body, yet I was unable to move, or even capable to let go of this live wire!

So once again after the death of Joyce, my immediate feeling was that of shock and also an awareness that I was not as in control of my world, as I once thought. Now I only feel pain and numbness along with a realization that something was and is yet to be known missing from my life even more than Joyce?
As my usual paranoia had been replaced by a “Greater Paranoia” which now dwells within me, as to who could be taken from my life next?
So it happened, via my friend and cancer mentor Edward. Who passed away the other day due to his cancer and now his ear for me has with him, fallen silent.

I have recently also learned that when you attend a “Life Celebration”, as I did for my friend Jim's Sister Susan whom sadly herself was taken by cancer. At her “Life Celebration” I overheard people say about me; “Oh, he's holding up so well.” To them I wanted to say, I don't think so and people, believe me as I really, really know that this is NOT True!
What I do know, is that when one who is in Grief like myself, I do not know at times what's even going on, or what day or month it is. That's my current mental state; as I cried for 45 minutes in the parking lot after “Susan’s Life Celebration”. For as I said; I feel that being in Grief is a shock, which makes me feel powerless to cope and unable to think straight & at the same 24/7 I am so very, very, fragile.
Grief is a Shock, which everyone goes through differently and in that way we suffer not the same, only in the word that one’s in Grief…

LORD, I am walking Your way.
Let me in, for my body tires and my feet are sore.
My clothes are torn and ragged.
Look into my eyes LORD, as my sins will play out on them, as on a screen.
From You I hide nothing, read them all.
I repent everything; forgive as only You my LORD, can.
Then send me back on my path, as I will walk on.
Until You LORD GOD, in JESUS CHRIST’S name, do call me home and bid this man, to dwell with Thee forever and ever.

Posted by,
Sir Richard...

Monday, December 1, 2014


In 1995, I started collecting these mostly German WW1 photos, others of mine and some on/off the internet. So to share them and for educational purposes I made these 3 slide shows of these rare photos; AT EACH END OF THE RIFLE, WE'RE THE SAME #1 #2 #3.  To show that we are all, really part of the “Same Human Race” at the any end, of any rifle.
I hope that you find these interesting:




“Oh my name is Francis Tolliver, from Liverpool I dwell
Each Christmas comes since World War I have learned its lesson well.
For the one who calls the shots won't be among the dead and lame.
And on each end of the rifle we're the same”

John McDermott-Christmas in the Trenches:

Merry Christmas!
Fröhliche Weihnachten!
Joyeux Noël!
С Рождеством!

Sainsbury's OFFICIAL Christmas 2014:

Oh what a lovely war! Christmas Truce:

War really is a vast open air factory where the hours are long, unions are not permitted, safety conditions that are routinely flouted and people’s lives wasted for at times neither Good or Bad! No more people have died on this planet then they would have died, if they were not killed in a War. Only future potential of all these individuals were lost! 

World War One in my opinion started in 1914 but with brief pauses here and there, The European War ended after the fall of the Berlin Wall 1989. Then in 1990 – 1991 we started our Middle Eastern Wars proper, for after all the Middle East problem started at the end of the Ottoman Empire on the 1st November 1922. 

Both Military and Civilian Casualties:
WWI total casualty count = 8,528,000 (8.528 million) Approximate
WWII total casualty count = 18,265,000 (18.265 million) Approximate
Of course this does not add into account the casualties from wars listed below that again started in 1914 – 1989. 

1914 - World War I Starts
1916 - Easter Rising rebellion in Ireland
1917 - 1918 Russian Revolution
1917 - 1920 Estonian Liberation War
1918 - Finnish Civil War
1918 - Georgian-Armenian War
1918 - 1919 Czechoslovakia - Hungary War
1918 - 1922 Russian Civil War
1918 - Petsamo expedition
1918 - Viena expedition
1918 - 1919 Polar Bear Expedition
1918 - 1919 Polish-Ukrainian War
1918 - 1919 Great Poland Uprising
1919 - Czechoslovak-Polish war
1919 - Third Anglo-Afghan War
1919 - First Silesian Uprising
1919 - 1920 Polish-Lithuanian War
1919 - 1921 Polish-Soviet war
1919 - 1921 Anglo-Irish War (aka the Irish War of Independence)
1919 - 1922 Turkish War of Independence
1919 - Aunus expedition
1920 - 1922 Second Greco-Turkish War (aka War in Asia Minor)
1920 - Second Silesian Uprising
1921 - 1922 East Karelian Rising by Karelian Forest Guerillas
1921 - Third Silesian Uprising
1922 - 1923 Irish Civil War
1926 - 1927 Northern Expedition in China
1928 - 1937 Agrarian Revolution in China
1932 - 1935 Chaco War
1934 - 1936 Long March in China
1935 - 1936 Second Italo-Abyssinian War
1936 - 1939 Spanish Civil War
1939 - Soviet-Japanese Border War
1937 - 1945 World War II - A Continuation of WW1
1937 - 1945 Second Sino-Japanese War
1939 - 1940 Winter War
1939 - Slovak-Hungarian War
1940 - 1941 French-Thai War
1941 - 1944 Continuation War
1941 - Anglo-Iraqi War
1941 - 1942 Ecuadorian-Peruvian War
1944 - 1945 Slovak National Uprising
1944 - 1945 Lapland War
1944 - 1949 Greek Civil War
1945 - 1949 Chinese Civil War
1946 - 1954 First Indochina War
1947 - Paraguayan Civil War
1947 - 1949 Indo-Pakistani War of 1947
1948 - Costa Rica Civil War
1948 - 1949 First Arab-Israeli War
1948 - 1960 Malayan Emergency
1950 - 1953 Korean War
1952 - 1960 Mau Mau Uprising in Kenya
1954 - 1975 Second Indochina War
1954 - 1975 Vietnam War
1954 - 1962 Algerian War of Independence
1955 - 1972 First Sudanese Civil War
1956 - Suez Crisis (Second Arab-Israeli War)
1956 - 1959 Cuban Revolution
1957 - 1958 Ifni War
1959 - 1975 Laotian Civil War
1962 - 1975 Secret War
1967 - 1975 Cambodian Civil War
1960 - 1965 Congo Crisis
1960 - 1996 Guatemalan Civil War
1960 - Ethnic Conflicts in Basque Country
1961 - Bay of Pigs Invasion (CIA-sponsored invasion attempt by Cuban Nationals)
1961 - 1975 Angolan War of Independence
1962 - 1963 Sino-Indian War
1962 - 1966 Indonesia-Malaysia confrontation
1962 - 1970 Yemen Civil War
1962 - 1975 Dhofar Rebellion
1962 - 1975 Secret War
1964 - 1975 Mozambique's War of Independence
1964 - Colombian Civil War
1965 - Indo-Pakistani War of 1965
1965 - 1996 Chad Civil War
1965 - 1966 Indonesian Civil War
1966 - 1988 Namibian War of Independence
1966 - 1979 Zimbabwean Second Chimurenga (Rhodesian Bush War)
1967 - Six-Day War (Third Arab-Israeli War)
1967 - 1970 Nigerian Civil War
1968 - 1970 War of Attrition
1969 - Football War
1969 - Sino-Soviet border conflict
1969 - 1988 The Troubles in Northern Ireland
1971 - Bangladesh Liberation War
1973 - Yom Kippur War (Fourth Arab-Israeli War)
1974 - Agacher Strip War
1974 - 1991 Ethiopian Civil War
1975 - 1989 Angolan Civil War
1975 - 1991 Lebanese Civil War
1975 - 1998 War of Indepence in East Timor
1975 - 1992 Mozambique's Civil War
1975 - Independence War in Cabinda, Angola
1977 - Somalian Civil War
1977 - 1978 Ogaden War
1977 - 1991 Cambodian-Vietnamese War
1978 - 2005 The Aceh War
1978 - 1988 Ugandan Civil War
1979 - Sino-Vietnamese War
1980 - 1992 El Salvador Civil War
1980 - 1988 Iran-Iraq War
1981 - Paquisha War between Ecuador and Peru
1982 - Falklands War
1982 - Lebanon War
1983 - 2002 Ethnic Conflict in Sri Lanka
1983 - Invasion of Grenada
1983 - 2000 Civil War in Sri Lanka
1983 - 2005 Second Sudanese Civil War
1984 - Free Papua Movement, Western New Guinea, Indonesia
1984 - 1998 Free Papua Movement
1985 - Christmas War between Mali and Burkina Faso
1987 - Conflict in northern Uganda
1988 - Myanmar Civil War
1988 - Casamance Conflict in Senegal
1988 - Somalian Civil War
1989 - Kashmir conflict
1989 - 1991 Mauritania-Senegal Border War
1989 - 1990 Operation Just Cause, United States invades Panama
1989 - 1997 Liberian Civil War
1989 – Berlin Wall Falls & In My Opinion, the real end of WW1 in Europe.
1990 - 1991 More of the same, the 1st Gulf War starts - Middle East IMO a WW1 remnant.

For Canada World War I:
1. 628,736 Canadians served.
2. 66,573 died and 138,166 were wounded.
3. 2,818 were taken prisoner of war.
4. 175 merchant seamen died by enemy action.


For Canada World War II:
1. 1,031,902 Canadian men and 49,963 Canadian women served.
2. 44,927 died and 43,145 were wounded.
3. 8,271 were taken prisoner of war.
4. 1,146 merchant seamen died by enemy action.

For Canada Korean War:
1. 26,791 Canadians served.
2. 516 died and 1,558 were wounded.
3. 33 were taken prisoner of war.

More Casualties for Canada are not listed here, including our various UN Peace Keeping actions which I have not taken into account, nor other engagements, like Afghanistan etc.
Passchendaele - After the war: 
And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda:

Good Luck Everyone - Blackadder – BBC  

Sarah McLachlan - Happy Xmas (War is Over) 
from Richard Abbenbroek