Monday, February 25, 2019

Saturday, February 23, 2019


I know that Jesus is singing this to me: There comes a time, a time in everyone's life. Where nothing seems to go your way. Where nothing seems to turn out right. There may come a time, you just can't seem to find your place. For every door you open, seems like you get two slammed in your face. That's when you need someone, someone that you, you can call. When all your faith is gone and it feels like you can't go on. Let it be Me - If it's a friend that you need. Let it be Me. 
Thank You Lord, as I Love You too,
from Sir Richard...

Friday, February 22, 2019



Maybe and yes, I could be very wrong in my belief that we all started out from heaven, in some shape or form I do not know but again I believe, we were the ones who choose to come to Earth. For whatever reason, for we just forgot the purpose of this at our birth. GOD our Father loves us dearly and yet is concerned that we came to this very broken world. Maybe simply it is just a test, maybe just simply to bring Glory to His name! For I believe He allowed us to come here because we all have a purpose of some sort on this tiny rock that we all co-inhabit…
Some make it, yet others do not. It is after all a very broken world, which we exist on, full of evil things, disease, hunger and want. Some of us are blessed with much, some not so much and some sadly return to our Father in short order. Maybe it is just to show that we can find our way back by our own evolved Faith and also by helping others along the way? Who knows, but one thing for sure is that we will all return to heaven one day, to present ourselves before GOD. To let Him know how we did and explain if we either brought Glory to His name, or not, as we are all really part of Him. Maybe that is one reason OF WHY WE ARE ALL HERE?
This thought is written for you with LOVE and all that heaven will allow by Sir Richard…

Wednesday, February 20, 2019


I have been going through this same pain of loss since my wife Joyce passed on May 27th 2014. At first I could not attend Church after Joyce's life celebration. I just sat in my home. Now I can go online to watch sermons and attend life group dinners that are next door only, yet I know not why and neither do you. I Volunteer as a tour guide at the HANGAR FLIGHT MUSEUM for only a few hours on weekends to talk to people but the pain never leaves me! Some days I am so angry and fed up but JESUS CHRIST helps me through it.
Without Him I would not have made it out of my protective shell, the little that I do. Or survived the on slot of difficulties that I face from time to time. I am thankful to JESUS CHRIST for my home my new companion Evie Dog and the heat, food, water and light plus earth angels whom I am also grateful too.
Still suffer the daily pain and loneliness. Plus fear of leaving my home, for it was when I left home on an errand to come back after and I find that my wife Joyce was called home by JESUS CHRIST to end her suffering of Lupus.
Thank you for Loving us both JESUS CHRIST.
Still plodding along
Richard Abbenbroek.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

For Myself The Feb 2014 Post is Very Sadly and Very Prophetic.
by Richard G. Abbenbroek
First Posted on;
I am in pain again today, for I am not holding up well. I once had a dream on the first day we moved into this house and after I awoke. I remember, that I was walking downstairs, the sun was shining and everything and everyone was gone, as I was all alone. It was if I was doing a final inspection before I had to hand my keys to the new owners?
I know with GOD your never alone but the PAIN in my life is still there; as I am not a human light switch, just a child really.
Yet should I out live Joyce and our Puppy Dogs, this dream will become true, that I will be the last to leave our home.
The Hurt,
by Sir Richard...

Monday, February 18, 2019


His Song: 
I present to you, Richard Abbenbroek while many of us know Richard well (sort of) and in fact we call him “Sir Richard”. There are a few wonderful and perhaps, unknown tidbits that I would like to share about our delightful cousin from Canada. As we remember from going through Team HOPE training, we were asked to provide our fingerprints to the FBI. Richard, shall we say had a “concern” about being asked to give his fingerprints during his training in 2003 in Alexandria. The reason? He thought that somehow the FBI would learn as NCMEC checked his background that one of his ancestors assisted in burning of the White House during the War of 1812 along with the pillaging and burning the city of Washington, DC with his fellow Canadians. A historical note: we Americans and Canadians back then finally resolved our differences in December 1814 with the signing of the Treaty of Ghent and we have been loyal friends since.

Nevertheless, Richard wanted to become a Team HOPE volunteer so fervently that he worried about the direly past deeds of his ancient relatives. During training one night, while other Team HOPE volunteers to-be went to a local “hang-out,” Richard took a night bus tour of Washington DC. When he was the Vietnam memorial, he became so overcome with emotion that he started to cry, as he once served in the Royal Canadian Air Force. A US Nam Veteran who was there told Richard that “It’s OK, Brother” grabbed him which startled Richard and said come with me.” The Vet then took Richard up to a group of other Nam Veterans who did not believe he had never been in Vietnam. Richard continually said that he was just an ex-Canadian Air Force person who had served only in Canada. The Nam Veterans thought Richard was just in denial and gave him a wooden nickel, which said;
“Welcome Home, Brother!”

Along with his commitment to Team HOPE, Richard volunteers his time and heart admirably to other organizations and human crises. To those in need of a supporting hand, Richard is there to help. For a number of years, Richard was a Volunteer Intake Worker with Child Find Alberta and supported parents of all missing children 300 in total from 1989 - 2003. This position ultimately paved the way for Richard to become part of Team HOPE (as of this date Child Find Alberta plus Team Hope Referrals 300 + 108 = 408 Referrals that he had worked on to date).

He has also reached out via his church. When Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast in 2005, he traveled with his church as part of Samaritans Purse Canada to, Mississippi/Louisanna. For a few weeks, Richard and his team cleaned more than 70 resident homes, salvaging personal effects and restoring the surroundings. On another mission trip to South Africa, Richard worked with his team installing a computer lab in a local High School. As Richard says, while his help and others are “drops in the bucket,” they are “planting seeds that one day they may make a difference!”

Oh by the way I am from Calgary Alberta Canada.
This song in memory of his late Wife Joyce.
from Sir Richard...
Richard Abbenbroek aka Sir Richard...

Sunday, February 17, 2019


Brandi Carlile USA - The Story =

Gabriella Quevedo from Sweden =
Here Comes The Sun Cover Beatles.

Indila from France = S.O.S
Dernière Danse

AnnaLisa or Nali from Italy =
Senza Resirva
Annalisa - Il Mondo Prima Di Te;

Playing For Change = United
Playing For Change = What's Going On

Amadeus a Romanian string quartet = Danse

Zhang Buchan from China = Chu Qiaochuan

Sina Doering from Germany = What makes Ringo such a GREAT DRUMMER?

Now in no order as I Love them Both Maggs and Bails;
Maggie Baugh from USA = Heck Of A Story.
Bailey James from USA = The Devil won't take me down.

Maggie Rose USA = Pull You Through

Allison Young USA = Crazy Patsy Cline Cover.

Not last as they are all good, I know eh? This one is from British Columbia Canada. 
Lisa Nicole = Mad About It

Beatrice Cœur de pirate Canadien = Oceans Brawl

Suddenly Years Align - (SYA) Netherlands =
Where There's Nothing Left to Say

Cold Creature · Chris Jones Steve Baker - USA
St James Infirmary par Chris Jones et Steve Baker

My Taste in Music Posted by Sir Richard...
Photo 36,000ft Taken by Sir Richard.

Saturday, February 16, 2019



A touch of His mighty hand.
So gentle He moves throughout the land.
A gentle breeze, a gentle breath.
Painting each branch, only sleeping,
only sleeping not death.
Waiting for the earth to awaken.
It is by His design.
Painting the branches, the beauty of winter time.
Written and Photos by Richard Abbenbroek…

Friday, February 15, 2019


CTV also joined us in Wetaskiwin earlier this month for a sneak peak of our 
Hawker Hurricane Fighter that is returning in 2019!  
Posted by Sir Richard
A Hangar Flight Museum Volunteer.

Thursday, February 14, 2019


They say that behind every man there’s a Great Woman! In my life this is so true, as what I became would never have happened without Joyce. Sure, many other dynamics and people came into my life to make me who I am today…
Though Without Joyce:
“The Fires of Hell” could well be licking at your toes, she always reminded me. Joyce was my center as I started my quest to find the Comfort and Love that is JESUS CHRIST.

Without Joyce:
I would never have learned how to make pictures of a rabbit and tank on a Dot Matrix Machine and work with computers. She gave me the courage to go to night school, so I could make it into the Information Technology Department at the Calgary Public Library.

Without Joyce:
I wouldn’t have been able to take that little bit of computer knowledge and use it to help build a Computer Lab at the High School in KwaZulu-Natal Province, Bhekulwandle South Africa.

Without Joyce:
I would never have had the ability to make nightly calls to over 408 Parents and assist them in the recovery of their Missing Children, through Child Find Alberta and Team Hope the National Center of Missing and Exploited Children. Volunteer with my late Wife Joyce at Inn From The Cold, learning from her how to help those so in need.

Without Joyce:
I could never have gone to the Gulf of Mexico and assist in the recovery of 70 Hurricane Katrina ravaged homes in Mississippi and Louisiana. Or become a Rapid Response Chaplin at Samaritan's Purse Canada without Joyce and GOD.

Without Joyce:
I also Volunteered on 2 Parent Sponsoring Committees of Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadrons - 781 Squadron and 538 Squadron. Proudly watching my Step Son make it to Sargent and eldest Granddaughter make it to Warrant Officer in rank. Or be there for when my youngest daughter needed a real Mom or when my eldest daughters water broke as I was there for her eldest daughter for the same.

Without Joyce:
I would never have had the simple joy of having a Family, Grandchildren and puppy dogs. She was My Best Friend, she loved me like No Other Human being and taught me to share this Love with many who needed it and even those who may not have deserved it. Which is something good, that GOD taught both Joyce and me.

But with Joyce:
I had Twenty-Eight years together 1986 – 2014 May 27th; that have gone by in a blink of an eye. We traveled life’s road and have been there and done that, made it through moments of pee your pants giggles, struggle and strife. Yet my life on this earth was made better With Joyce and yet I must live another day and night alone,

Without Joyce.
Written for Lady Joyce by her Stud Muffin Husband Sir Richard...
Photos of Joyce and Richard: by Sir Richard
Paul Brandt Video Condolence Message to Richard:
Paul Brandt- I Do