Thursday, September 21, 2023



People are so stupid over here. The Yanks only talk hours about Trump and ass holes like him. In Canada it is about day cares and even more stupid things. We should be over in Ukraine fighting alongside you all. Not pissing away the days over stupid shit! I am a Christian yes but love your enemies will not happen, or go down well after a Ukrainian Holocaust! 

Fear of the Russian's nukes is basically what causes most over here to do nada! Some days, I pray for the Russians to be themselves and hit a NATO Country. Just so NATO would clean their clocks! Yet even I fear the nukes deep down. Yet on the other hand how do we really know they will use them?? 

It is shameful and in my opinion just cowardice at the same time the way we act! I personally am to old so they say for me to go to Ukraine as my health would be more of a burden for all of you and you certainly do not need more on your plate do you? They laughed at me at the recruiting office. As I dam them for not putting more money into NATO, or Defense waiting for the last moment or GOD to bail them out but we sometimes have to be a tool for GOD to help. 

As one day this war will make the day cares an other nonsense seem as trivial as it truly is! Yes, we send help in lethality and aid but it is not enough and Dam them all to hell! As people and children in Ukraine have been killed and abducted and worse! I recently watched a little Ukrainian girl see her blown up daycare and cry and cry! 

What about the Ukrainian's, my fellow Canadians and Americans?? Did anyone yet pull their head out of the sand for one moment and listen to the Russians speak at any time anyday at the U.N. Security Council? Do we people in the west over here think that the Kremlin people are going to just stop at Ukraine, after they are done with it? 

In Russian schools they are training the next generations of killers! These monsters are just as serious as my war stories about the Hitler Youth, which I tell to remind as I am very sensitive about now. I tell them as a reference so somehow, someway, to get the us all off our stupid couches and do something, for don't they remember? 

Every November 11th we recite a poem about Flanders Fields and passing the torch to the next generation, who if they fail will cause the current occupiers of the fields of Flanders not to sleep! They were woken up once before with Hitler and now once again, with Putin and Russia! 

So we the "WIMPY WEST" Take the torch; be yours to hold it high. For if ye break faith with us who die. We shall not sleep, though poppies grow In Flanders fields!!! Folks do we get it now??? 

From Richard Abbenbroek.

Sunday, September 17, 2023



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