Monday, September 30, 2019

Four Writings for Lady Joyce by Sir Richard

Does Love from your heart, dissipate like chimney smoke?
Or is it rock hard like granite, lasting for all of our eternities...
Do you stop Loving someone that you once Loved or have lost?
I think not, you store it in your heart and bring it out like a photo album.
To view and at times even share but it is stored and it never stops.
Can you Love more than one person in your lifetime,
or is your personality like that of a single railway track?
Never diverting only going one direction and never to be shared...
I think not.
LOVE, is like the spokes of a bicycle wheel.
Racing out to as many as one need to move on and always centered back.
To the Love from your heart...
As GOD intended it to be, for He put that LOVE in all of our hearts...

I stood by you and you by me on through,
The Good and the Bad, Loving and Sad,
After Deaths of people, even when our Kids and their Kids were bad.
Like legal age once was, twenty one years for us, so fast have gone…
Eyes blinked, we wink, traveled life’s roads long, as we could travel on.
Been there, done that, made it through pee your pants giggles and strife.
You have always been My Wife, My Best Friend, The Love of My Life…

So Joyce, know that you are LOVED and cherished, dearly & forever.
For LOVE is overwhelmingly always dominant over all things Evil or Bad as it is ultimately triumphant!
If boil this down into just one sentence;
Or boil it down further to just one word from GOD to us all and that is; “LOVE”.
LOVE is the basis of everything. Not some abstract, hard to fathom kind of LOVE. Which we may feel day to day but the kind of LOVE we feel when we look at LOVING Friends, LOVING Family, LOVING Spouse, LOVING Children and yes, IMO even from our Pets & Some Animals we observe Unconditional Love.
For in its purest and most powerful form, LOVE is not jealous or selfish but;

JOYCE I am Waiting for you, Listening for you, Watching for you, Wishing for you and one day in the future, when GOD decides & through CHRIST JESUS. On that day Joyce, I shall be with Him and also be near you once again.
As I write this with LOVE from her STM & Devoted Grimm,
Richard - to my Joyce...

Sunday, September 29, 2019


I have noticed that when people are in the midst of their final call home by the LORD.
That they and this really depends on each person, either one month, 2 weeks, a day, or even hours before.
Sort of loose their interest in things that they did or things that U do, when before there was a sparkle in their eyes and great excitement about that interest.
Yes U could say “Go Figure Richard” after all, they are contemplating much more other than a show and tell at this moment in time!”
True enough but like everyone knows not to stare into the sun; it's something which U are told when you're a kid. "Don't look at the sun or you'll go blind!" But sometimes U want to understand something so badly that you'll almost risk going blind for just a glimpse of what it might all be about?
For I believe that the world is made up of the big things that happen to U and the small ones.
The part that's so unfair is that we call them "big" and "small", because when something happens to U, when U lose something or someone that U really care about, that's all there is. The world may be blowing up all around U, but you don't care about that, U don't care about that at all…
When they are passing over as I said that they just do not care, as I believe it is just their reality going numb in their brain, sort of a blessing from GOD as a form of comfort to them.
My childhood friend Kelly Obrien was like that, my father in-law Ken Henwood was like that and my wife Joyce was like that too. Her last day was sort of an unusual calm after my morning nursing duties were over and I started out for my afternoon appointment.
Then Joyce got a phone call from a home care nurse and Joyce gave that nurse a “I couldn’t care less response to questions,” which caused the nurse to call me as I was driving to my appointment. Puzzled by this and almost half way down our back alley, I stopped to call home, yet Joyce was still so calm?
So I asked Joyce if I should return home to her right now and asked Joyce are U OK? Joyce said “NO” do not come home, as she was just perfectly fine but tired and Richard, U better get going, as U are going to be late (we were always late, it was our tradition), then Joyce said that she would see me when I got back. “Kiss noise, I Love U!” we both said to each other and I let her go…
A true recount but how do you let someone go? How do you understand that it is alright and that from this point on everything changes? How do you find a way for this event to make you feel good about your life, instead of the breaking of your heart?
For the hardest thing you'll ever learn in life, is how to say goodbye and this is only, if you are given that chance.
Sometimes I have found the best way to move into the unknown in my life is to take familiar steps, small steps. To do ordinary things to deal with something that is in no way ordinary. We're always going someplace new in this life all the time. Familiar things just let us pretend that we aren't moving into unfamiliar territory. U take those small familiar steps as U become dishonest with yourself and to live as if nothing had changed but still to go on with your life. But there are times when what you need is a piece of how things used to be!
As for most people change is kind of slow. They're who they are and then after a while, they're someone else. But some people know the exact moment where their lives changed. When they first saw the person they were going to marry or the look in their baby's eyes the first time they smiled. For some people, it's not the good things in life that made them change. Or it's something they've gone through like the passing of my wife Joyce that makes everything that I look at from that moment on, seem very different from how it had always been. Till my and your own end that things, will forever be.
of Sir Richard…

Saturday, September 28, 2019


F.Y.I Sometime in 1873 or 1874 contaminated flax seed with Russian thistle from Russia had been sown, quite accidentally, on a farm near the town of Scotland, South Dakota. It was in October 1880 that the Department of Agriculture in Washington first received word of a strange plant that had begun appearing in the newly tilled farmlands of South Dakota. Included with the report was a sample that had been found near the town of Yankton on the Missouri River. The information was filed away and forgotten until, a little more than a decade later, more specimens began arriving in the mail. One came from Aberdeen, 200 miles northwest of the earlier sighting, and another from all the way up in North Dakota. The march was already becoming relentless. In the early 1890s a legislator proposed that a fence be built around the state to stem the incursion. It was too late. By this time the weed had already found its way to Canada.
This F.Y.I. is from Sir Richard...

Friday, September 27, 2019


See who is in this one!
Posted by Sir Richard.
Along with musicians from 5 continents, we’re honored to have taken part in this Playing For Change + Cambria Song Around The World: “The Weight”!
Posted by Sir Richard

Thursday, September 26, 2019


As I became really sick I started to miss Joyce real bad.
Yet I will and have gotten better and at times like this it is hard to be alone without her.
Hard but I am not giving up and must carry on for Joyce is with JESUS and not in pain anymore! My Soulmate never really died.
JESUS CHRIST is also with me and encourages me to carry on, till one day He also calls me home. AMEN!
By Sir Richard.

Wednesday, September 25, 2019


The only left over from the Revolutionary War AND THE WAR OF 1812 - 1814, other than War Re- enactors is our letter boxes.
With my Love to you all and all that heaven will allow!
Written by Sir Richard…

Tuesday, September 24, 2019


To be neutral, one has to stand squarely between right and wrong.
Though what I have found, that being neutral usually only benefits the wrong.
I know JESUS and I talk to GOD,
Basically just as the song says and as our lives go…
Of late I am tired, run down, worn out by giving it my all.
For the woman whom I Love, has been taken home by Jesus this is only what I really know…
I gave her my all, till death do we part as I promised.
A decade or 2 ago, 28 years we have been friends in this life.
It has been real good for the secret of LOVE happens just by opening your heart.
It’s okay to feel afraid, but don't let that stand in your way.
Because anyone knows that LOVE is the only road in life to travel.
In my life, I have searched for this, like the fountain of youth,
Over and over, and over again, till I got it right in the end with Joyce and other special ones…
With All My LOVE, To My Wife, Joyce I am Waiting for you, Listening for you, Watching for you, Wishing for you and one day in the future, when GOD decides & through CHRIST JESUS. On that day Joyce, I shall be with Him and also be near you again…
by your STM & Devoted Grimm - Richard…
“The Great Gig in the Sky”
Pink Floyd – sung by Clare Torry
“If Not For You”
by Bob Dylan sung by George Harrison
Photo by Sir Richard...

Monday, September 23, 2019


In actuality anyone down any of our city streets can be killers. For if the young are taught ASAP the difference between right and wrong they can change. Take the Imperial Japanese Armed Forces of pre-1945 brought up in a distorted self-superior fashion of bullies from the top down. From the Meiji Restoration to 1945 the Japanese Combined Armed Forces held the belief that they would be instantly going to heaven upon giving their lives in a Bushido Code of Honour, fighting for their god Emperor. Before this, giving one’s life for the many facets of codified Samurai Honour or the Shogun for a thousand years held this same belief. Now the Japanese do not do this kind of lifestyle way of thinking, they have changed. The Emperor is no longer a god! In fact just this week for the first time since 1945 the Japanese Parliament passed legislation which allows the military, called the Self-Defense Forces, to defend the U.S. and other countries if they come under attack, even if it is outside of Japan.

Opponents say the conditions for involvement are overly vague, giving future governments too much leeway to interpret them as they see fit. They also criticize the forced vote by the ruling bloc in the Japanese Parliament as tyranny by the majority.
Recent Japanese polls show about 80 percent of Japanese, oppose the bills and the majority believe the legislation is unconstitutional. They do not want any War or to return to the Bushido Samurai War like thinking of the past.

The Daesh (isis), take their belief from a skewed interpretation of the Quran and though mentioned there in, the belief is only 1,365 years old. So I believe that the young people that come to Canada as refugees, if shown the proper path would not become jihadists.
The concept of jihad is indeed a Quranic one, but sadly, a false and twisted version of this Quranic concept has been used by terrorists acting in the name of Islam to commit various terrorist acts. These terrorist acts, which occur all over the world, aim at the indiscriminate killing of innocent people. They are being undertaken in the name of “jihad”. These non-Islamic acts have gone a long way towards distorting the image of Islam.

As with any religious concept, its correct definition lies in the scripture and not in the interpretation of humans. Christianity itself has only stopped or paused one War that I know of and this was the Christmas Truce of 1914. So as a Christian I pray that we on day act like Christians and “Thou Shall Not Murder!” as written during the time of Moses.
So to fully understand the Quranic concept of jihad, though I am a novice but from what I have read, to understand jihad it is essential to address the following issues:

1- The Quranic definition of the word jihad
2- What is “The cause of GOD”?
3- Are the ones who explode themselves in 'suicide bombings' really going to Heaven as they have been led to believe?
4- Does the concept of a 'holy war' have Quranic authorisation?

FIRST: The Quranic definition of the word jihad
The literal definition of the word jihad is: striving to achieve a goal, while the Quranic definition of the word is “striving with one’s self and one’s money in the cause of God”.
This Quranic definition is confirmed in a number of Quranic verses which speak of jihad. The following are some examples:
“The true believers are those who believe in GOD and His messenger, then attain the status of having no doubt whatsoever, and strive (jahadu) with their money and their lives in the cause of GOD. These are the truthful ones.” 49:15
“Those who believe, and emigrate, and strive (jahadu) in the cause of GOD with their money and their lives, are far greater in rank in the sight of GOD. These are the winners.” 9:20
“As for the messenger and those who believed with him, they eagerly strive (jahadu) with their money and their lives. These have deserved all the good things; they are the winners.” 9:88
p.s. the word “jahadu” is the verb form of the noun “jihad.

SECOND : The cause of GOD
Now that we have established that jihad means to strive with one’s self and one’s money in the cause of GOD, we need to determine what is the Quranic meaning of the phrase: “the cause of GOD”?
Striving to uphold the “cause of GOD” simply means striving to uphold all GOD’s commandments and a strive to condemn all GOD’s prohibitions. Hence, a jihad in the cause of GOD is a strive to preach and uphold GOD’s way and God’s Law. Since the word jihad has been manipulated to advocate violence and the killing of innocent people, it is necessary to establish, with clear Quranic evidence, that the “cause of GOD” does not allow unlawful killing or violence.
1- First, we must always be aware of the prime declaration in the Quran which states that GOD does not advocate sin:
" GOD never advocates sin. Are you saying about GOD what you do not know?" 7:28
2- Following from that, the Quran states categorically that killing any innocent soul is a gross sin:
"...... You shall not kill - GOD has made life sacred - except in the course of justice. These are His commandments to you, that you may understand." 6:151
"You shall not kill any person - for GOD has made life sacred - except in the course of justice. ....." 17:33
The prohibition to kill any innocent soul has always been the law of GOD, in the Quran and in all previous scripture:
"......, we decreed for the Children of Israel that anyone who murders any person who had not committed murder or horrendous crimes, it shall be as if he murdered all the people. " 5:32
3- GOD does not allow fighting (war) except in the case of self-defence:
"If they leave you alone, refrain from fighting you, and offer you peace, then GOD gives you no excuse to fight them" 4:90
"If they resort to peace, so shall you, and put your trust in GOD. He is the Hearer, the Omniscient." 8:61
“do not aggress; GOD dislikes the aggressors.” 5:87
4- GOD commands that there will be no compulsion in religion:
"There shall be no compulsion in religion ..." 2:256
"You have your religion and I have mine" 109:6
"Had your LORD willed, all the people on earth would have believed. Do you want to force the people to become believers?" 10:99
The commands in the above verses are very clear. The Quran confirms that belief must be attained voluntarily and not forcibly. If we are forced into becoming Muslims, there would be no credit due. The choice must be a voluntary one.
"Proclaim: "This is the truth from your LORD," then Whoever wills let him believe, and whoever wills let him disbelieve" 18:29
"You shall remind, for your mission is to deliver this reminder. You have no power over them" 88:21-22
The message of no compulsion in religion is once again emphasised in the above Quranic words.
5- Quran advocates pardon, forgiveness and tolerance:
"You shall resort to pardon, advocate tolerance, and disregard the ignorant" 7:199
"Tell those who believe to forgive those who do not long for the days of (meeting) GOD. He will fully pay everyone for whatever they have earned." 45:14
The Quran condemns the killing or even the persecution of people merely because they embrace a different religion. The Quran mandates absolute freedom of religion among all people. Respect and mutual co-existence must be exercised with those of other religions. The Quran urges Muslims to treat such people kindly and equitably:
"GOD does not enjoin you from befriending those who do not fight you because of religion, and do not evict you from your homes. You may befriend them and be equitable towards them. GOD loves the equitable." 60:8
As all the above verses indicate, the Quran is clear in prohibiting all violence, unlawful killing and also forcing others into Islam.
Attacks on civilians and on innocent people around the world by these terrorist groups is a violation of all the verses quoted above. This is an act that is condemned by all religions including Islam.

THIRD : Are the ones who explode themselves in 'suicide bombings' really going to Heaven as they have been led to believe?
Suicide is a state of disbelief and loss of faith that is condemned by GOD throughout the Quran. In the Quran, GOD commands the believers never to despair or lose hope but instead have faith in GOD and work for a brighter future:
"none despairs of GOD 's grace except the disbelieving people." 12:87
It is true that many of the youth who commit suicide bombing live in dire situations and there is no denying of their suffering and oppression. But there is no justification for breaking GOD's commandment. Oppression is not a reason to break GOD 's law. On the contrary, oppression is a good reason to hold tight to these commandments and to show more faith in GOD. Two wrongs do not make a right.
Sadly, many young people in Islamic countries who get drafted into one of the terrorist groups are completely brain washed to believe that when they explode themselves in what is known as “suicide bombing” that they die as martyrs and are sent directly to heaven!
Young male youth, who are easy prey for the devious politically motivated preachers, are totally brain washed into believing that beautiful virgins are waiting for them in Paradise!

Those who kill innocent people in the name of Islam or in the name of GOD, and who think of themselves as martyrs, should think twice. Their act is categorically condemned by GOD as per the above verses of the Quran. These people are disobeying GOD's commandments and instead upholding the fabricated claims of their teachers/leaders!
“You shall spend in the cause of GOD; do not throw yourselves with your own hands into destruction. You shall be charitable; GOD loves the charitable.” 2:195
“O you who believe, do not consume each other’s' properties illicitly - only mutually acceptable transactions are permitted. You shall not kill yourselves. GOD is Merciful towards you.
“Anyone who commits these transgressions, maliciously and deliberately, we will condemn him to Hell. This is easy for GOD to do.” 4:29-30
As per all the Quranic verses presented, we understand the following:
1- Killing an innocent soul is a great sin in the sight of GOD
2- Suicide in any form is condemned by GOD.
3- The Quran does not promise Paradise to those who commit suicide but rather warn of great retribution.

FOURTH : Is there such a thing as a “Holy War” in the Quran?
Various terrorist groups portray “jihad” as a “holy war”. The media in the west has been sucked up into accommodating or reporting this false interpretation.
In the light of the Quran, there is no war which is holy; not under any circumstances. In fact, the whole text of the Quran promotes peace rather than war. The word Islam itself is a derivative of the word “salaam” which means peace.
There are times, and in specific circumstances, when the option of war is allowed. This stems from the fact that the Quran advocates opposition to aggression and oppression. And thus, in such circumstances war is allowed but only as an act of self-defence, but never as an act of aggression.
Whenever there is a possibility to avoid war, then this alternative, as long as it is reasonable, must be taken.
"You shall prepare for them all the power you can muster, and all the equipment you can mobilise, that you may frighten the enemies of GOD, your enemies, as well as others who are not known to you; GOD knows them. Whatever you spend in the cause of GOD will be repaid to you generously, without the least injustice. If they resort to peace, so shall you, and put your trust in GOD. He is the Hearer, the Omniscient." 8:60-61
"Permission (to fight) is granted to those who are being persecuted, since injustice has befallen them, and GOD is certainly able to support them. They were evicted from their homes unjustly, for no reason other than saying, "Our LORD is GOD." If it were not for GOD's supporting of some people against others, monasteries, churches, synagogues, and masjids - where the name of GOD is commemorated frequently - would have been destroyed. Absolutely, GOD supports those who support Him. GOD is Powerful, Almighty." 22:39-40
The case made in the Quran for war and perhaps the most important and often confused as a holy war, is the war “in the cause of GOD”. Fighting an oppressor or aggressor is fighting against oppression or aggression, thus it is fighting for justice and therefore in the cause of GOD.
”You may fight “in the cause of GOD” against those who attack you, but do not aggress. GOD does not love the aggressors.” 2:190
Clearly as the above verse states, fighting in the cause of GOD is a case of fighting an aggressor and thus is a case of fighting in self - defence.
Fighting oppression “in the cause of GOD” is also the subject of 4:75
"Those who readily fight in the cause of GOD are those who forsake this world in favour of the Hereafter. Whoever fights in the cause of GOD, then gets killed, or attains victory, we will surely grant him a great recompense. Why should you not fight in the cause of GOD when weak men, women, and children are imploring: "Our Lord, deliver us from this community whose people are oppressive, and be You our LORD and MASTER." 4:74-75
Thus it becomes clear that the concept of “in the cause of GOD”, is not restricted to the case of fighting a war “in the cause of GOD”, it is also about striving with one’s self and one’s money in the cause of GOD. This could be a way to spread the “way of GOD”, or even giving charity as per the words:
“You shall spend in the cause of GOD; do not throw yourselves with your own hands into destruction. You shall be charitable; GOD loves the charitable.” 2:195
The underlined words confirm the relationship between spending “in the cause of GOD” and having that money spent towards charitable causes.

To conclude, it is quite clear that the word jihad has been badly manipulated by those with political aims, and in violation of the Quranic truth. The word 'holy' has never been used in the Quran in connection with war. There simply is no reference anywhere in the Quran for what they call “holy war”.
There are times when war is permitted, but as we have seen in all the Quranic words, it is only permitted as a practise of self-defence, and it is never called a “holy war”. Islam resolves around the concept of peace:
"If they resort to peace, so shall you, and put your trust in GOD. He is the Hearer, the Omniscient." 8:61
Maybe isis could be changed one day as well and stop emulating Kamikaze like attacks, or marking Christian homes with "N" like the Nazis marked the homes and businesses of Jews? Then on the other hand Daesh IMO are also the army of the Anti-Christ but as I am not GOD. Only He can say what should be done with these people. But JESUS CHRIST begs us to at least try! Amen?
JESUS said;
John 14:27
27 Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid! Amen…
Written and Photo by Richard Abbenbroek...

Sunday, September 22, 2019


We will all cross that bridge when we are all called home by GOD.
(Langevin Bridge is now called Reconciliation Bridge)
For then, we will all be "Free As A Bird!"
With Love From Your Cousin Sir Richard.

Saturday, September 21, 2019


1989 – “Listen, and understand, because you abducted Richard’s youngest daughter. That he is mad as hell and what has surprised us all, he has acted really fast hunting for you out here. One thing for sure is; he can't be bargained with. He can't be reasoned with. For what you did he doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear and he will absolutely not stop, ever, until he recovers his child. Then he will do whatever it takes to try & see that you’re locked up behind bars for a very long, long time!”
As always, it’s hard to decide where I should start and at the same time very easy for it’s all there. All the memories - pain, fear, stress etc. - are just a recalled flashback away!
My story started simply enough: a failing marriage with a spouse who threatened to leave at any moment and with the spoken and unspoken threat of, “when I leave you will also never see your daughter again!”

Boom! It happened and as I was too close to realize it, or I did not want to believe, for I was taken by surprise!
I shall not go into the reasons or the mental avalanche that I went through. It was hard 29 years ago, for as a male I was told by one Police Officer; “To be happy, that since the old lady and kid were gone, why I don’t go have a beer?”
At the same time I am a male and the stigma of my gender and at that time, people thought I must have done something wrong to bring this about. Hey, you’re a male, just for that alone, you probably deserve it!
The fact is that I did not deserve it and no one, female or male deserves it, ever!!

My main concern was for my child. Remember the issues that I did not go into? Well they were many and safety of my daughter was paramount. This person did not take and deny me my daughter because she wanted exclusivity. She took her to extract some sort of warped infliction of pain on me. The proof of this is that in the 29 years plus since I got my child back, she has never tried once to see our daughter. Not that you cannot find me either, as I am not that hard to find or that she was denied visitation, just unsupervised visitation.
For the parents like me who have lived through this hell, they know what I am talking about. We are all members of an exclusive club (family if you like), that has the highest entrance dues imaginable: the temporary or permanent loss of your own child. Imagine that your own flesh and blood child taken due to whatever horror that one can come up with.
After my youngest daughter was returned to me I wanted to repay those who helped me, through all of this!
Eric Sommerfeldt at Child Find Alberta listened to all my rants, frustrations and pain; he did so with Great Patience during all hours, many days and through many tears.
Even through hard work and a steep learning curve for myself, in a system that at that time had all the odds stacked against me.
I was blessed with the return of my youngest daughter.
Mostly I had help through prayer, my co-workers, family, friends, lawyers, judges, even police and many people who I would never have met if not for this tragedy.

For back then, I had made 2 promises to the GOD, that if my prayers were answered and my daughter was returned to me safe and sound, then I would make sure that no one I ever came across would have to go through this horror the hard way, like I did. Promise 2, is that I would also become a follower of Jesus Christ.
From 1989 to 1991, I helped out with finger printing other people’s kids for Child Find Alberta. That was nice and my youngest daughter had fun helping out as well. It was not really what I wanted to do though and it did not fill the parameters of my self – made promise.
I nagged and nagged the Child Find Alberta Office and In 1991 I became a card carrying volunteer of Child Find Alberta.

I was trained by Dave Credland to be a volunteer Case Manager for parents of all missing children. I am on call 24 hours a day and seven days a week, for Alberta, British Columbia, N.W.T.'s and the Yukon.
At the time I assisted parents in exploring their options to locate their children. Giving them emotional support while and taking their information for Child Find Alberta, for essentially I am just a good listener.
Though I am not a trained social worker/psychiatrist or lawyer, what I do let them know is that I am a parent. Who like them, has already gone through the same fog of despair of a missing child. I give them my hand and together, we walk as far as we can.

After I gathered the necessary information I send it to the full time week day Staff and Investigative Unit via whatever means possible. From that point the full time week day, Case Managers then set up appointments and started the process to hopefully recover the Missing Child.
Since then, I have taken 300 plus calls all hours of the day and night and in some of the strangest places.
Once, I was out of town and on a power pole assisting in the installation of a new power line to my family’s new garage. I was passed up a cell phone by my sister with a distressed parent of a Missing Child on the other end. I relied on my memory of the conversation to write my report. At that time of Child Find Alberta’s operations, I was afraid that I would lose the call, if I moved or hung up for a moment. So I stayed on my power pole and the bonus was that I also had a great view of the Rockies!

One of my scariest calls and we all have one, is a call that I received at 3 AM from a young man who informed me that he had run away from out of province and he had just arrived in Calgary. He went on to inform me that he was getting no help from anyone even though he was a reported “runaway”. The Police and drop in centres would not help him and I was his last resort!
With help from my late wife Joyce I was able to contact the Calgary City Police Services and they were going to send a car around to this young man.

He threatened suicide if I did not come down to where he was and help him out. I explained that I could not come down to where he was and that the Police would soon be there to help him out. Then he abruptly said well, “That’s it!” “Thanks for nothing!” “My death will be on your hands” and he hung up.
We both (my wife and I), sat there in the dark enveloped in the chilling silence and just did not know what to do.
The Police dispatch said that a car was to be dispatched but how long would that take and was this young man still at that location??

Both my wife and I just stared at each other and I was torn about going to him or not but that was not in my training, as I had done all that I could do.
I did not sleep much that night and the next day I was informed by Dave Credland that when the Police arrived at that young man’s location.
That there was not just one young person there, like we thought but also several others. Who, if I ignored my training and went to personally assist him, they would have promptly mugged and robbed me for my efforts. This young man not only was a runaway from out of province but one with a long list of outstanding violent arrest warrants to his credit.

These are again just two of my bizarre stories that we, who do this kind of volunteer work sometimes come across.
Through all of these calls and experiences I was lucky enough to keep my promises.
Which again was to make sure that no-one whom I ever came across, would have to go through this horror the hard way, alone like I once did.

I then had the honour in March 2003 to be chosen to attend training and become a member of an organization called Team H.O.P.E. (Help Offering Parents Empowerment) for 10 years (2003-2013) I was a volunteer for the National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children's Team HOPE (Help Offering Parents Empowerment). Since then combined with Child Find Alberta work I made nightly calls to over 408 Parents and assist them in the recovery of their Missing Children, again starting with Child Find Alberta and then through Team Hope of the National Center of Missing and Exploited Children. The NCMEC is the U.S.-based centre that was co-founded by Patti Wetterling, Abby Potash and John Walsh of America's Most Wanted after the murder of his son Adam.
I took all calls related to Missing Children, North America & International. I was able to handle these through the extensive training that I received. Also I was proudly part of the team called the “Grief Busters”, which is Team H.O.P.E.’s most western group of volunteers.
From which, I have brought these new skills to Child Find Alberta and I use them regularly. For I now have more knowledge to offer and I am making great headway to keeping my self-made promise. For my promise continues and will probably continue till I do not.

Also in 2004, I became a Christian at Centre Street Church, to keep my second part of my 2 promises. From here at Centre Street I again volunteered and I was able to take the little bit of computer knowledge and use it to help build a Computer Lab at the High School in KwaZulu-Natal Province, Bhekulwandle South Africa.
Through Samaritan’s Purse Canada, I went to the Gulf of Mexico (Mississippi & Louisiana) and I assisted in the recovery of 70 Hurricane Katrina ravaged homes.
I am very proud of all this and I am also in awe at how far I have come since I was the very distraught parent of Missing Child 30 plus years ago.
Written and Photo by Richard Abbenbroek.
P.S. I have forgiven the abductor in the name of JESUS CHRIST but she has not tried to see her daughter in 30 years. Probably never will and I will forgive but I can never forget.

Friday, September 20, 2019


This photo was taken today of a major rock slide in Arizona. Sources have confirmed once they removed the boulder they found the remains of a coyote underneath holding a "STOP LOOK UP" sign. Witnesses say they then saw a roadrunner speeding away quickly from the scene just after impact. Beep beep...
By Sir Richard.

Thursday, September 19, 2019


An Angel Loves you each every day
Till you both meet and your earthly time is at an end,
your Angel shall never go away.
Come rain or shine or snow, your Angel is always there.
For you command not, cause your Angel is everlasting night or day,
As your Angel you should know, actually Cares…
With Love to You All!

Written by: Sir Richard
Photo by: Sir Richard
Music by: (1973 Buckingham Nicks [Full Album])
Life experienced by: Sir Richard

Dreams of fear, fighting the snake as it took someone dear.
Cut its head off did I, with GOD’s help I watched it die.
None the less, I was so troubled, I prayed through Christ Jesus.
For our FATHER GOD to calm my soul as together we shall defeat the beast!
Then as early morn began, I began to awake from my rest.
I am so very, very tired but I do know now.
That one day, as I go to my final rest and I am at peace.
Knowing I have done right, with my time on this earth.
FATHER GOD helped me fight the good fight, I will have finished this race.
Most important, I will have kept my Faith!
With Love from Sir Richard.

Written by: Sir Richard
Photo by: Sir Richard
Life experience by: Sir Richard
Written by: Sir Richard
Music by: Johnny Cash - We'll Meet Again

Wednesday, September 18, 2019


"THE ONE" by Bailey James.
Performance by The Bailey James Gang.
In the photos of many Loved Ones who have been called home by the LORD.
Is my late Wife Joyce E. Spence, cause for me she is my, 
Posted with tears of Joy by Sir Richard... Thank U Bails!

Tuesday, September 17, 2019


SIR RICHARD'S QUICK THOUGHTS ABOUT WOMEN, THE SUPERIOR! 💖 I have found that a woman can do anything a man can do if not better! Case in point when I was in the Air Force, on the rifle range women are better shots then men. As they keep an inner calm as their guide. While men get all excited and shake at the prospect. Women are easier on Aircraft then men. It is a known fact! You can also choose to have or not have children, hence you know the meaning of life and are superior to men in reality! Well this is this man's novice observations about women!
Sincerely yours Richard Abbenbroek.💖

Monday, September 16, 2019


Supaman | Under the Big Sky

The Prayer Loop Song -
As a member of the Apsaalooke Nation, Supaman makes his home in Montana. Supaman is Christian Takes Gun Parrish, a Native American dancer and innovative hip-hop artist who has dedicates his life to empowering and spreading a message of hope and faith through a unique fusion of traditional and modern culture.

He is the recipient of the 2017 MTV VMA award for Best Fight Against the System. He is also a Nammy - Native American Music Award winner, North American Indigenous Image Award, and seven Tunney Awards.
He recently was awarded, the Aboriginal People’s Choice Music Award in Canada for best video and was voted MTV’s new Artist of the Week.
His latest video’s titled “Prayer Loop Song” and “Why” both have gone viral and have received over 3 million views on Youtube and Facebook which has put him in high demand touring extensively throughout the U.S.A and internationally.
He has performed for Google at the Google headquarters and the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade in New York City. He recently was asked to audition for America’s Got Talent and the Broadway play Hamilton.
He is currently working with Taboo from the multi Grammy award winning group “Black Eyed Peas” looking to complete a project in the coming months with his group Mag 7
Under The Big Sky® is a storytelling series featuring the interesting people, businesses and stories that are all found under the Big Sky. All segments and stories are available on our youtube channel and at
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Posted by a Real Fan - Sir Richard

Sunday, September 15, 2019


Mother can I ask why my father's breath haunts him,
Follows like a ghost every word he says
Why his weary face, with lines cut by a knife
Tells me I live with a man tired of his life
All the times we laughed
All the times we cried
I will remember them
And always cherish them

Your grandfather did lay years before his time
I was just a toddler when I first heard his lines
You sat me on your lap, a poet's voice unwind
Sorrow faded yours within looking out at mine

All the times we laughed
All the times we cried
I will remember them
And always cherish them

Posted by Richard…photo by Richard.
Waiting for you, Listening for you, Watching for you,
Wishing for you and one day in the future, when GOD decides and through JESUS CHRIST. On that day Joyce, I shall be with Him and again be near you…

by Sir Richard.

Saturday, September 14, 2019


Isaiah 11:6-9 6The wolf will live with the lamb, the leopard will lie down with the goat, the calf and the lion and the yearling together; and a little child will lead them. 7The cow will feed with the bear, their young will lie down together, and the lion will eat straw like the ox. 8The infant will play near the cobra's den, and the young child will put its hand into the viper's nest. 9They will neither harm nor destroy on all my holy mountain, for the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the LORD as the waters cover the sea.
Posted by Sir Richard..

Friday, September 13, 2019


1 Blessed are those whose ways are blameless, who walk according to the law of the LORD.
2 Blessed are those who keep His statutes and seek Him with all their heart.
3 they do no wrong
but follow His Ways.
4 You have laid down precepts
that are to be fully obeyed!
5 Oh, that my ways were steadfast
in obeying Your Decrees!
6 Then I would not be put to shame
when I consider all Your Commands.
7 I will praise You with an upright heart
as I learn Your Righteous Law's.
8 I will obey Your decrees;
do not utterly forsake me!
9 How can a young person stay on the path of purity?
By living according to Your word!
10 I seek you with all my heart;
do not let me stray from Your Commands.
11 I have hidden Your word in my heart
that I might not sin against You.
12 Praise be to You, LORD;
teach me Your decrees.
13 With my lips I recount
all the laws that come from Your Mouth.
14 I rejoice in following Your Statutes
as one rejoices in great riches!
15 I meditate on Your Precepts
and consider Your ways.
16 I delight in Your decrees;
I will not neglect Your word.
17 Be good to Your servant while I live,
that I may obey Your Word.
18 Open my eyes that I may see
wonderful things in Your law.
19 I am a stranger on this earth;
do not hide Your Commands from me.
20 My soul is consumed with longing
for Your Laws at all times.
21 You rebuke the arrogant, who are accursed, those who stray from Your Commands.
22 Remove from me their scorn and contempt, for I keep Your Statutes.
23 Though rulers sit together and slander me, Your servant will meditate on Your Decrees.
24 Your Statutes are my delight;
they are my counselors.
25 I am laid low in the dust;
preserve my life according to Your Word.
26 I gave an account of my ways and you answered me; teach me Your Decrees.
27 Cause me to understand the way of Your precepts, that I may meditate on Your Wonderful Deeds.
28 My soul is weary with sorrow;
strengthen me according to Your Word.
29 Keep me from deceitful ways;
be gracious to me and teach me Your Law.
30 I have chosen the way of faithfulness; I have set my heart on Your Laws.
31 I hold fast to Your Statutes, LORD;
do not let me be put to shame.
32 I run in the path of Your commands,
for you have broadened my understanding.
33 Teach me, LORD, the way of Your Decrees, that I may follow it to the end.
34 Give me understanding, so that I may keep Your Law and obey it with all my heart.
35 Direct me in the path of Your commands, for there I find delight.
36 Turn my heart toward Your Statutes
and not toward selfish gain.
37 Turn my eyes away from worthless things; preserve my life according to Your Word!
38 Fulfill Your promise to Your servant,
so that You may be feared.
39 Take away the disgrace I dread,
for Your Laws are good.
40 How I long for Your Precepts!
In Your Righteousness preserve my life.
41 May Your unfailing Love come to me, Lord, Your salvation, according to Your promise;
42 then I can answer anyone who taunts me, for I trust in Your Word.
43 Never take Your wyord of truth from my mouth, for I have put my hope in Your Laws.
44 I will always obey Your law,
for ever and ever!
45 I will walk about in freedom,
for I have sought out Your Precepts.
46 I will speak of Your statutes before kings and will not be put to shame,
47 for I delight in Your Commands
because I Love them.
48 I reach out for Your commyands, which I Love, that I may meditate on Your Decrees.
49 Remember Your word to Your servant, for You have given me hope!
50 My comfort in my suffering is this:
Your Promise preserves my life.
51 The arrogant mock me unmercifully,
but I do not turn from Your Law.
52 I remember, LORD, Your ancient laws,
and I find comfort in them.
53 Indignation grips me because of the wicked, who have forsaken Your Law.
54 Your decrees are the theme of my song wherever I lodge.
55 In the night, Lord, I remember Your Name, that I may keep Your law.
56 This has been my practice: I obey Your Precepts.
57 You are my portion, LORD;
I have promised to obey Your Words.
58 I have sought Your face with all my heart; be gracious to me according to Your Promise.
59 I have considered my ways
and have turned my steps to Your Statutes.
60 I will hasten and not delay
to obey Your Commands.
61 Though the wicked bind me with ropes, I will not forget Your Law.
62 At midnight I rise to give You thanks
for Your Righteous Law's.
63 I am a friend to all who fear You,
to all who follow Your Precepts.
64 The earth is filled with Your Love, LORD; teach me Your Decrees.
65 Do good to Your servant
according to Your Word, LORD.
66 Teach me knowledge and good judgment, for I trust Your Commands.
67 Before I was afflicted I went astray,
but now I obey Your Word.
68 You are good, and what you do is good; teach me Your Decrees.
69 Though the arrogant have smeared me with lies, I keep Your Precepts with all my heart!
70 Their hearts are callous and unfeeling but I delight in Your Law.
71 It was good for me to be afflicted
so that I might learn Your Decrees.
72 The law from Your Mouth is more precious to me than thousands of pieces of silver and gold.
73 Your hands made me and formed me; give me understanding to learn Your Commands.
74 May those who fear You rejoice when they see me, for I have put my hope in Your Word.
75 I know, LORD, that Your Laws are Righteous and that in faithfulness You have afflicted me.
76 May Your unfailing Love be my comfort, according to Your promise to Your servant.
77 Let Your Compassion come to me that I may live, for Your Law is my delight.
78 May the arrogant be put to shame for wronging me without cause;
but I will meditate on Your Precepts.
79 May those who fear You turn to me,
those who understand Your Statutes.
80 May I wholeheartedly follow Your Decrees, that I may not be put to shame.
81 My soul faints with longing for your salvation but I have put my hope in Your Word.
82 My eyes fail, looking for Your Promise;
I say, “When will You comfort me?”
83 Though I am like a wineskin in the smoke, I do not forget Your Decrees.
84 How long must Your servant wait?
When will You punish my persecutors?
85 The arrogant dig pits to trap me,
contrary to Your Law.
86 All Your Commands are trustworthy;
help me, for I am being persecuted without cause.
87 They almost wiped me from the earth but I have not forsaken Your Precepts.
88 In Your Unfailing Love preserve my life that I may obey the statutes of Your Mouth.
89 Your Word, LORD, is eternal;
it stands firm in the heavens.
90 Your faithfulness continues through all generations; You established the earth, and it endures.
91 Your Laws endure to this day,
for all things serve You.
92 If Your Law had not been my delight,
I would have perished in my affliction.
93 I will never forget Your Precepts,
for by them You have preserved my life.
94 Save me, for I am Yours;
I have sought out Your Precepts.
95 The wicked are waiting to destroy me, but I will ponder Your Statutes.
96 To all perfection I see a limit,
but Your Commands are boundless.
97 Oh, how I love Your law!
I meditate on it all day long.
98 Your Commands are always with me
and make me wiser than my enemies.
99 I have more insight than all my teachers, for I meditate on Your Statutes.
100 I have more understanding than the elders, for I obey Your Precepts.
101 I have kept my feet from every evil path so that I might obey Your Word.
102 I have not departed from Your Laws,
for You Yourself have taught me.
103 How sweet are Your Words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth!
104 I gain understanding from Your Precepts; therefore I hate every wrong path.
105 Your word is a lamp for my feet,
a light on my path.
106 I have taken an oath and confirmed it, that I will follow Your Righteousness Law's.
107 I have suffered much;
preserve my life, LORD, according to Your Word.
108 Accept, Lord, the willing praise of my mouth, and teach me Your Law's.
109 Though I constantly take my life in my hands, I will not forget Your Law.
110 The wicked have set a snare for me,
but I have not strayed from Your Precepts.
111 Your Statutes are my heritage forever; they are the joy of my heart.
112 My heart is set on keeping Your Decrees to the very end.
113 I hate double-minded people,
but I love Your Law.
114 You are my refuge and my shield;
I have put my hope in Your Word.
115 Away from me, you evildoers,
that I may keep the Commands of my GOD!
116 Sustain me, my GOD, according to Your Promise, and I will live;
do not let my hopes be dashed!
117 Uphold me, and I will be delivered;
I will always have regard for Your Decrees.
118 You reject all who stray from Your Decrees, for their delusions come to nothing!
119 All the wicked of the earth You discard like (impurity& slag); therefore I Love Your Statutes.
120 My flesh trembles in fear of You;
I stand in awe of Your laws.
121 I have done what is Righteous and just; do not leave me to my oppressors.
122 Ensure Your servant’s well-being;
do not let the arrogant oppress me.
123 My eyes fail, looking for Your Salvation, looking for Your Righteous Promise.
124 Deal with your servant according to Your Love and teach me Your decrees.
125 I am Your servant; give me discernment that I may understand Your Statutes.
126 It is time for You to act, LORD;
Your law is being broken.
127 Because I Love your commands
more than gold, more than pure gold,
128 and because I consider all Your Precepts right, I hate every wrong path!
129 Your statutes are wonderful;
therefore I obey them!
130 The unfolding of Your Words gives Light; it gives understanding to the simple.
131 I open my mouth and pant,
longing for Your Commands.
132 Turn to me and have mercy on me,
as You always do to those who Love Your Name!
133 Direct my footsteps according to Your Word; let no sin rule over me.
134 Redeem me from human oppression, that I may obey Your Precepts.
135 Make Your Face Shine on Your servant and teach me Your decrees.
136 Streams of tears flow from my eyes,
for Your Law is not obeyed!
137 You are Righteous, LORD,
and Your laws are right.
138 The statutes You have laid down are righteous; they are fully trustworthy.
139 My zeal wears me out, for my enemies ignore Your words.
140 Your promises have been thoroughly tested, and Your servant Loves them.
141 Though I am lowly and despised,
I do not forget Your Precepts.
142 Your Righteousness is everlasting
and Your Law is true.
143 Trouble and distress have come upon me but Your Commands give me delight!
144 Your Statutes are always Righteous;
give me understanding that I may live.
145 I call with all my heart; answer me, LORD, and I will obey Your Decrees.
146 I call out to You; save me
and I will keep Your Statutes.
147 I rise before dawn and cry for help;
I have put my hope in Your Word.
148 My eyes stay open through the watches of the night, that I may meditate on Your Promises.
149 Hear my voice in accordance with Your Love; preserve my life, LORD, according to Your Laws.
150 Those who devise wicked schemes are near, but they are far from Your Law.
151 Yet You are near, LORD,
and all Your Commands are true.
152 Long ago I learned from Your Statutes that You Established them to last forever!
153 Look on my suffering and deliver me, for I have not forgotten Your Law.
154 Defend my cause and redeem me;
preserve my life according to Your Promise.
155 Salvation is far from the wicked,
for they do not seek out Your Decrees.
156 Your compassion, LORD, is great;
preserve my life according to Your Laws.
157 Many are the foes who persecute me but I have not turned from Your Statutes.
158 I look on the faithless with loathing,
for they do not obey Your Word.
159 See how I Love Your Precepts;
preserve my life, LORD, in accordance with Your Love.
160 All your words are true; all Your Righteous Law's are eternal.
161 Rulers persecute me without cause,
but my heart trembles at Your Word.
162 I rejoice in Your Promise
like one who finds great spoil.
163 I hate and detest falsehood
but I Love Your Law.
164 Seven times a day I Praise You
for Your Righteous Law's.
165 Great peace have those who Love Your Law, and nothing can make them stumble.
166 I wait for your salvation, LORD,
and I follow Your Commands.
167 I obey Your Statutes, for I Love them greatly.
168 I obey Your Precepts and Your Statutes, for all my ways are known to You.
169 May my cry come before You, LORD;
give me understanding according to Your Word.
170 May my supplication come before You; deliver me according to Your Promise.
171 May my lips overflow with praise,
for You teach me Your Decrees.
172 May my tongue sing of Your Word,
for all Your Commands are Righteous.
173 May Your Hand be ready to help me,
for I have chosen Your Precepts.
174 I long for Your Salvation, LORD,
and Your Law gives me delight.
175 Let me live that I may praise You,
and may Your Law's sustain me.
176 I have strayed like a lost sheep.
Seek Your Servant, for I have not forgotten Your Commands. 

Posted & photo by Sir Richard... A knight in thy service of thy LORD GOD, JESUS CHRIST the Son and The HOLY SPIRIT!

Thursday, September 12, 2019


We walk together, yet alone we walk.
We live with each other, hear many voices; alone we talk.
For the glue that binds us are our births, the lives that we had lived, our deaths and through this; we are all, watched by GOD.
As we choose to eat this, consume that, be with her or be with him, Love them or Love them not.
Tonight, I'm thinking about where I'd rather be; and though I may have burned all my bridges.
Sunk all my ships and stranded myself, as I stand at the edge of the sea!

I think of my life’s many a family, many a friend, many child; which some of us have to our end.
For sure through it all, one by one, we really all die alone.

As the one thing that is for certain, is that we are all Loved by GOD; Even Past Then…
Written and Photo by, Richard Abbenbroek.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019


It is a crisp, cool, foggy fall day.
My daily walk with my Tribble dog is now through.
It is September the 11th, from me to you.

Just walked in, frantic emails from friends at work,
It’s on the net and radio, can you see this on your home TV?
A small plane crash, like Patsy Cline’s Mountain but is it all true?
It is September the 11th, from me to you.

The anchorwoman say’s; “that there is just a little bit of falling debris”.
“Oh my God!” the whole freaking building is coming down, is what I see!
4 – 5 – 6 more planes are on the way?
No one has a clue…
It is September the 11th, from me to you.

Joyce my wife and I are now heading to work, past the Calgary International Airport we go.
We see all the passenger planes parked wing tip to wing tip, row upon row.
No jet contrails, no aircraft sounds and for the first time in my life,
only the birds flew.
It is September the 11th, from me to you.

We arrive, our minds are not on our work, all are numb through this whole day.
For we hear stories of those who died, helping those who had to stay.
Later more stories of those who bravely stopped the Evil that flew.
It is September the 11th, from me to you.

Entombed in the mountains of debris are up to 3,000 dead, what can one do?
To fight the Evil of man, GOD has shown me, the same as you.
That we must help those who are down, troubled and
stand up for LOVE and what is TRUE.
For from this Hell we should have learned,
that this was just our wake up call, that we all went through.
It is September the 11th, from me to you.

PERSONAL NOTE: The Sept. 11 attacks killed 26 Canadians
With LOVE to you all and with all that heaven will allow!
Written and Photo by Richard Abbenbroek... On September 11th 2001

Tuesday, September 10, 2019


You Tube Lancaster:
The successes of Bomber Command were purchased at terrible cost. Of every 100 airmen who joined Bomber Command, 45 were killed, 6 were seriously wounded, 8 became Prisoners of War, and only 41 escaped unscathed (at least physically). Of the 125,000 who served, 55,573 were killed including over 10,000 Canadians.
In Memory Posted by Sir Richard.

Monday, September 9, 2019


A song that played when my daughter was abducted 30 years ago. 

Yet the bio-mom has not tried to see her in 30 years. 
To Late To Late In the Air Tonight posted by Sir Richard.

Saturday, September 7, 2019


For mag entry try either link to "A DARK SECRET":
At the height of the Cold War, a plot surfaced in the Bow Valley. The plan was to build a high-tech, ultra-secure storage facility overlooking Lac des Arcs in the heart of Mt. McGillivray. It was an ambitious idea, and, given the paranoia about nuclear war, it probably made good sense. But today, it is simply an oddity.
The scheme failed but not before workers had dug a tunnel into the north-facing slope of McGillivray, along with a handful of chambers, as part of what was envisioned as an extensive network of vaults that would protect the most important documents of the day. Often believed to have been dug as a secure archive by the Canadian government, the cavern had, in fact, been opened by a private company, Rocky Mountain Vaults & Archives.
According to Alberta Sustainable Resource Development, the company obtained two licenses from the Alberta government in 1969 – one for use of the caverns as a vault and the other for access – but it is believed that the tunneling began much earlier, although no firm date has yet been found.
Rocky Mountain Vaults & Archives saw Mt. McGillivray as the perfect location for an underground fortress as it promised to provide “absolute security for vital records,” according to a brochure promoting its idea. It was a hefty promise but a logical one given its location 500 feet beneath the mountain’s western slope.
“Here, deep inside a mountain, is the world’s near perfect archive. Physically perfect…functionally perfect, built for maximum protection against any form of destructive vice, from mildew to hydrogen bomb. The remarkable limestone vaults have no security limitations. They are: Fireproof, floodproof, windproof, rodentproof, mildewproof, cave-inproof, bombproof, theftproof,” RMVA bragged in its brochure.
Along with the high level of protection, the company also envisioned white-painted walls, fresh air piped in to provide ideal document storage conditions, private vaults, an entrance portal, a lounge and a three food wide reinforced sliding concrete door along with 24-hour security personnel.
The company’s long-term goal was to offer a facility that would allow businesses and government to start over after the world had erupted into chaos.
“In the event of a catastrophic happening, whether localized or widespread, man-made or from natural perils, many of these data and documents must be protected and preserved in order for business in general to survive and successfully recover from any major disaster.
“With this in mind, Rocky Mountain Vaults & Archives Ltd. has planned a vault storage area designed to eliminate many of the problems associated with safekeeping and industry and government in the event of a catastrophe.”
It was an audacious and pessimistic plan and the brochure itself edges towards the ridiculous with a simple childlike cut-away drawing of the proposed vault system and a second diagram of men in cardigan sweaters sitting in an underground reception room smoking cigars and pipes.
While the brochure provides much of the context, the only way to get a sense of the audaciousness of the plan is to walk through the cave opening and enter the tunnel carved into the grey limestone cliff.
Once inside and out of the wind, the air grows warmer, while further into the tunnel, the light and the hum of traffic on the Trans-Canada Highway, as it curves around Lac des Arcs, begins to fade.
Enough light, however, filters down the tunnel to reveal the end of the tunnel and where a new passage opens to the left. But turn and walk into the first chamber, and the light quickly vanishes becoming as dark as a mine shaft, as only a cave can get.
But with a strong flashlight it’s easy to pierce the darkness and discover the first of two 80-foot by 25-foot caverns, along with what might have been the reception lounge. The floor is flat but not smooth, and the sound of water dripping onto stone can be heard somewhere in the blackness.
It’s big, it’s dark, but what does the cavern mean to us today?
When it was being constructed on the 127 acres of land leased from the Alberta government in what is believed the late-1950s, Bob Smith, a long-time local who now lives in Canmore, said that when locals heard what was going on 100 feet above Lac des Arcs, they laughed, shook their heads and carried on.
It was the late ’50s, early ’60s when the Cold War was really fizzy. When everybody was panicking and building bomb shelters and so on down in the States, and this guy thought it would be just great to have this for all the banks and the government and so on to put all their important papers in,” Smith said in an interview.
“I remember at the time everybody laughed; this is great we’re going to put all of our valuable documents in there and after we’re vaporized we’ll be safe. Everybody thought the whole things was a farce.”
This grand farce was even featured on Canadian Learning Television when the vault appeared in a 2006 episode Underground, part of Exhibit Eh!, a series of programs produced by Delta, B-based Big Red Barn Entertainment that sought out strange Canadian stories an Mysteries.
Smith appeared in that episode alongside the vaults guiding the program’s hosts into the depths where four stumps sat around an old fire – a far cry from the illustration of the men in their cardigans.
While it is easy to poke fun at the vault, Dene Cooper, an Exshaw resident and passionate historian, said it is an example of how the world was coping with the anxiety of living in a nuclear age.
“It was a world coming to grips with the potential of nuclear conflict in North America for the first time,” he said. “I think we’ve forgotten what the Cuban Missile Crisis was about. Now (the cavern) looks weird because it is no longer that time. It is hard to realize just how paranoid the social thinking was at that point.”
Cooper said he believes the vault failed because of a lack of financing and moisture in the caverns. Even though the enterprise did fail, what remains of the Rocky Mountain Vaults & Archives has left the Bow Valley with an indelible record of the Cold War. And it is a record that obviously has much appeal, given the number of visitors the vault appears to get and the quantity of modern-day artefacts left lying around.
A campfire marked by a circle of stones can still be found inside the cavern, while the flattened metal cups that hold tea candles litter the floor. On a smooth part of the limestone wall near the entrance, someone has traced their hand in pencil and then added an extra finger. Below that, a fin-backed monster appears to be crushing or eating a stick man. Outside the cave mouth is another fire ring and a single beer can with the telltale puncture hole near the bottom of the can.
While all of these elements add another layer to what is already a strange story and a strange place, an odd melancholy arises upon seeing such a bold idea reduced to something weird and creepy.
But it certainly gives the Bow Valley a good story.
Keep in mind that the vault is part of the Bow Valley Wildland Park, and, according to Steve Donelon, heritage protection team leader for Alberta Tourism, Parks and Recreation, it is protected under Alberta’s Provincial Park Act.
“Why it is there is beyond me. I find it very odd,” he said.
Rob Alexander
Rob is a writer, journalist, photographer and historian based in Calgary and author of “The History of Canmore,” published by Summerthought Publishing of Banff, AB.

This story was posted by Sir Richard...
NOTE: when I was young, a group of us drove a VW into this cave easily. It is now hidden by trees that have grown taller since 1978. See This Photo taken by Sir Richard.