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Are Keenser and Lily Dog Galactically Related?
F.Y.Y = Keenser as a Roylan from the planet of Royla, where he lived with his parents. He was often ridiculed by his so-called "Roylan Friends" because he was taller than all the others of his kind. In 2230, after first contact with his people was made by the Federation Starfleet ship USS Kevlin, Keenser demonstrated his engineering skills to the Kelvin's first officier, Lt. Cmdr. George Kirk (father of James Tiberius Kirk) and security officer Lt. K'Bentayr by giving them a complete diagnostic and pinpointing the problem. With his parents' best wishes, Keenser was allowed to leave with the USS Kelvin's away team. Keenser of has the rank of Lieutenant Keenser and ended up working with Lt. Cmdr. Montgomery Scott at an automated Federation outpost on Delta Vega. He was Scott's only company for months before Spock and James T. Kirk arrived. Scott often belittled and berated Keenser, particularly regarding Keenser's tendency to climb up on things and the fact that his species required very little food. In actuality, it is very clear that they are equally fond of each other.
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Imperial Klingon Defence Force.


@pmharper Canadian journalist Mohamed Fahmy 3 years in Prison! Mr. Harper, if U do not help Canadians out of Canada. How can we trust U 2 help Canadians in Canada?
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By Sir Richard – “FREEDOM!”

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NOTE: Environment Canada scientist placed on leave for “Harperman” song.
A federal public servant has been sent home on leave and is the subject of a government investigation after he wrote and performed a politically-motivated folk song about Prime Minister Stephen Harper. The song, Harperman, was put on YouTube and Vimeo in June and features Tony Turner, a scientist with Environment Canada, leading a dozen other people in a rendition of the folk song, which calls for an end to Harper’s tenure as Canadian Prime Minister...


By Richard Abbenbroek…
On August 29th 2005 a Hurricane with a force 4 rating hit the US Gulf of Mexico coast. The eye of this Hurricane Katrina passed over Waveland Mississippi, a small bedroom community that is located to the west of Gulfport/Biloxi Mississippi.
29,000 homes were destroyed in some form and a total of 400,000 homes up and down that entire coast from Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana to Texas.
I watched in horror of the images on the TV and was shocked and moved to compassion for the poor people who were suffering.
At my Church (Centre Street Church) we are taught to “Love Thy Neighbour” and when I found out that we were sending a team with Samaritans Purse Canada, I jumped at this chance to Volunteer and help out.
These are few shortened passages of my journal entries of my experience:

November 19th, 2005.
I am at the airport and I miss my family already. Besides feeling excited and not knowing what I am to really expect I have my fear of flying to deal with in a few moments.
“Whew!” I survived another plane trip and our second connection was made easier to handle, thanks to the good humour of a Steward named Jennifer in the second Continental Airlines flight from Houston to Gulfport/Biloxi.
As soon as we arrived Samaritans Purse Canada gave us an orientation and then took us on a quick tour of the effected areas in Gulfport.
We passed through many National Guard and Police check points that we had to show our pass privileges to enter.
From the beach and back as far as 20 blocks all that you could see was a garbage pit of people’s lives.
I even saw a house that had floated in a 35 foot deep storm surge to finally rest itself onto railway tracks a mile away from its original location.
They say there are still deceased people who have not been recovered yet in the debris field!
Cell phone contact today is down again as the towers are still not working well. Most of them have been destroyed and landline use is limited.
CB radio traffic is for mostly the Military to use but we can use it when needed, if we follow the proper procedures.
I was up most of the night before and I miss my wife Joyce and family, and I am very tired. Lights out is at 11PM but I do not think that I will make it past 10PM.

November 20th, 2005.
Today we did our first of many “Mud Outs” of a home and how this name explains it all.
The house was in less than 30 feet of water in this area and the mud was up to 5 inches deep, everything was dirty, stinky and bad!
This was not the worst for the fridge had been without power and full of food since August 29th/05. Dripping out of this smelly box of gut wrenching smells is what we termed as fridge juice. The reason we wore spray paint masks and gloves (complete with surgical gloves underneath) was because of the very toxic, noxious smells and mould located everywhere.
We could see a TV that must have been floating in the water because it was no longer on its stand. Pots and pans, vacation trinkets, everything that was once someone’s possessions scattered about and it reminded me of home.
We removed everything from this house from ceiling to floor down to the studs. After which we sprayed bleach to arrest the mould from growing more. Once down to the studs then it would be re-inspected and more active mould removal could take place before new dry wall was added.
Everything that we took from the home except for tubs and toilets and sinks that was salvageable was put into a pile in front of the house by the street for the US Army Corps of Engineers to take away.
We did this every day all day from 8AM to 5PM when the sun gave us no more light, as the streetlights were all gone.
I cannot imagine doing this clean up in hot weather! As it is, I am being eaten alive by tiny bugs called “No See Ums”. These tiny pests live to lick off deep woods off and then, to add insult to injury, they bite you!

November 21st – December 3rd 2005.
I have done a lot of research for this trip but nothing has prepared me for any of this!
The work is very hard and much harder then I am used to. I am fed well and I sort of sleep at times as the thoughts of the day sort of invade my thoughts before bed.
I finally was able to call home as the cell towers are starting to come back on line.
Only the strength of prayer has pulled me through all of this as I have seen a car with flowers on the windshield. The story about the car is that: I was on my lunch break and as I stood looking at the car wondering about the flowers, a local walked by and said; "If you all want the story about that car, well, a lady done lost her life in that car, a-huh”, hence the flowers.

One day I stood in an area that once held a Condo unit. I knew that I was working in a landfill and at times I could feel that I was also in a cemetery.
For some reason earlier that day I could feel that we were near dead people! I did not know how or why I knew, so I just got down on my knees and prayed for them.
Later that afternoon the Coroner came by and was ticked that we had moved part of the debris field to get into this home. It was then I knew that I was totally correct in my feeling of the dead being near by.
The Coroner informed us that in this location 10 people were still missing and what we were to look for and if any more rubble was moved we were to call the Coroner to be present. Note: “A body was found the next day in this location under the rubble behind the house that we were working on.”

So much devastation so much to do and I feel like a changed man after this experience. We worked on 70 homes in our 2-week tour of duty in Mississippi for our Lord. A drop in the bucket to be sure but Samaritans Purse plans to keep sending team after team to this area until not needed.

Richard Abbenbroek
Samaritans Purse Canada
Katrina Disaster Relief Team #5 - Group #3
Biloxi/Gulfport Mississippi USA
November 19th/05 - December 3rd/05

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Sir Richards 2015 Mini Vacation Photos

Sir Richards 2015 Mini Vacation Photos
1. Click on the above link
2. Listen to this song:
3. Click your F11 key to obtain full sceen.
4. I hope that my photos of my 2015 Mini Vacation Photos with Lucy & Lily are enjoyable to view?
5. NOTE: This Photo Montage of mine is Dedicated in Memory of;
“Touché Andrews and Doug Lyall”…
Sincerely with Love,
Sir Richard...

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TRUE LOVE it seemed that with the women throughout my life. TRUE LOVE was just not meant to be.
For I was going to one after one, never giving up, always searching for that earthly TRUE LOVE throughout my life as if I were like a bee.
This TRUE LOVE nectar for which I sought I believed would comfort and grow in me, just as GOD intended but at times it all seemed so impossible to for see.
Then one day my co-worker, my fellow lunchroom companion, my confidant and my Best Friend of 28 years, I found my TRUE LOVE for it was she.
My dear friend your tears of the other night are normal to shed. Though be in fear you must not, as I said; when JESUS called my Joyce home, I believe at that moment. Joyce felt a serene sense of piece and joy. Not the pain or suffering we on this side imagine the end might be like, for Joyce I believe it was only just Nano Seconds. Not half an hour or a daylong event of horror that we always fear for ourselves and others.
To be truthful I have come close to this myself of late, though I do not fully really know how to really explain, for to prove my point I would have to fully go but then I could not return to say; "See, I was right and the fear you have, is for not." Faith is what we must all have, just Faith my Dear Precious Friend whom I Love, SO HAVE FAITH!
P.S. Note: I never really left the 60’s and sadly; these problems of the 1960’s never really left all of us! 
P.S.S. #SirRichard&LilyDog – “A Cuddle a Day Keeps Loneliness at Bay!” Touched, Being Held or Hugs for all are as important as one's Breathing.
by Sir Richard...

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And Also:
At only 19 years of age, Masha Drokova has quickly ascended the ranks of Russian Pro-Putin national youth organization Nashi (to me it sounds like Nazi).
However, after outspoken journalists critical of the Russian government are brutally beaten by “unknown perpetrators”, Masha’s faith in the organization she once loved, begins to waiver.
Also see:
Nashi, which means "Ours," the battle cry Russian football fans use to cheer on their national team. The organization has thousands of members across the country and they are blindly devoted to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Nashi defines itself as a democratic, anti-fascist, anti-'oligarchic-capitalist' movement and it is meant to give Russia back its national pride but its actions don’t follow: It’s embroiled in constant, furious battle against anyone who dares besmirch Russian sanctity by disagreeing with Putin’s policies. The group marches in the thousands, waving flags and holding up photos to “shame” the “enemies” of the state, including dissidents, journalists, and human-rights activists. The harsh language used in Nashi meetings isn’t political, it’s incendiary the movement is based on conformity and confrontation, and while some of its actions include exposing stores that sell expired food or alcohol to minors, others may find members encouraging and condoning violence against anyone who speaks out against them. For critics of Nashi a derogatory nickname wasn't difficult to find for Nashi: The group's young members are called "nashists" which rhymes, of course, with fascists.
Vladimir  Vladimirovich Putin has been the president of Russia since 7 may 2012, succeeding Dmitry Medvedev.  Putin previously served as president from 2000 to 2008 and he plans to run till 2024.
The above film looks a lot like this:
instead of Nazi banners, they now toss Pictures of Russian Citizens, so I ask who is the Nazi?
In Putin’s Kiss training Russian Youth historically; is like this:
A Former Hitler Youth Speaks Out
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So, it becomes Evil’s thoughts that keep your spirit imprisoned. Evil knows that the believing with all of your Heart and Soul in what is to be shared for all. Which I believe is a GOD given instinct to Love and to Share that Love and your Life’s progress/ambition with others. So from this point on, Evil works that much harder to keep you bound, gagged and actually all your Hope imprisoned within you, in your own fears and doubt. For Evil knows that if we are to continue liv
ing and thinking in this kind of thought we are in bondage to it. Then we are not much better off than when if we were spiritually dead and once this happens, Evil then has us. Unlike the Star Trek Borg, resistance is not futile; as GOD gave us all this Love and the right of Choice! Choose LOVE... 
By Sir Richard and the photo too. 

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Last winter to keep myself from going more MAD then I am now.
I worked on a History Course from Monash University and I learned what to do and what not to do. My final mark was sadly only 73% but I completed the course through my depression and medical issues. Today I received this, and I am Proud non the less! :)
Sir Richard...

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Blue Ridge Mountain Song

"Blue Ridge Mountain Song"
This song reminds me so much of Joyce and I, as we were Best Friends from 1986.
Then started to live together in 1993, we were married in 1996 till she left for heaven in on May 27th 2014…
I am crying right now for you would to maybe, if U understood losing the only woman who was your Life’s Love & Best Friend.
Sincerely, from Sir Richard.

"Blue Ridge Mountain Song"
He met her in the fall of '93 in the hills of Tennessee
She was barely 17, he was tall and strong and lean
They were deep in love by June
Hand in hand beneath that moon

And she sang a little blue ridge mountain song
And he'd just hum along
And they'd dance all night till dawn
On a hillside all alone

They were young and they were free
Like a mountain melody
In love as they could be
Singing that blue ridge song

She married in her mama's wedding gown
Bought a house and settled down
He worked driving all around
All at large from town to town
And he'd come home every night
And she'd be waiting in the front porch light

And she'd sing a little blue ridge mountain song
And he'd just hum along
And they'd dance all night till dawn
On the front porch all alone

They were young and they were free
Like a mountain melody
In love as they could be
Singing that blue ridge song

They couldn't tell him what was wrong
But they just didn't know
It wasn't very long until Jesus called her home
And he got down on his knees
Said "God don't take my love from me"

Just let her sing a little blue ridge mountain song
Like she has all along
And I'll dance with her till dawn
On a hill side all alone

And we'll spend eternity like a mountain melody
In love as we can be
Singing that blue ridge song

Now he lives there all alone
In the house that they call home
In his heart there lies a void (?)
From the absence of her voice

And he lays down every night
Dreams about that front porch light
Where she sang a little blue ridge mountain song
And he'd just hum along
And they'd dance all night until dawn
On the hillside all alone

They were young and they were free
Like a mountain melody
In love as they could be
Singing that blue ridge song

Little blue ridge mountain song
Singing that blue ridge song
Sing a little blue ridge mountain song
Sing a little blue ridge mountain song
Singing that blue ridge song
Sing a little blue ridge mountain song
Sing a little blue ridge mountain song
Singing that blue ridge song
Sing a little blue ridge mountain song
Sing a little blue ride mountain song
Little blue ridge mountain song
Alan Jackson