Wednesday, March 8, 2017

WITHOUT JOYCE (For International Women's Day)

(For International Women's Day)
They say that behind every man there’s a Great Woman! In my life this is so true, as what I became would never have happened without Joyce. Sure, many other dynamics and people came into my life to make me who I am today…

Though Without Joyce:
“The Fires of Hell” could well be licking at your toes, she always reminded me. Joyce was my center as I started my quest to find the Comfort and Love that is JESUS CHRIST.

Without Joyce:
I would never have learned how to make pictures of a rabbit and tank on a Dot Matrix Machine and work with computers. She gave me the courage to go to night school, so I could make it into the Information Technology Department at the Calgary Public Library.

Without Joyce:
I wouldn’t have been able to take that little bit of computer knowledge and use it to help build a Computer Lab at the High School in KwaZulu-Natal Province, Bhekulwandle South Africa.

Without Joyce:
I would never have had the ability to make nightly calls to over 408 Parents and assist them in the recovery of their Missing Children, through Child Find Alberta and Team Hope the National Center of Missing and Exploited Children.

Without Joyce:
I could never have gone to the Gulf of Mexico and assist in the recovery of 70 Hurricane Katrina ravaged homes in Mississippi & Louisiana.

Without Joyce:
I would never have had the simple joy of having a Family, Grandchildren and puppy dogs. She was My Best Friend, she loved me like No Other Human being and taught me to share this Love with many who needed it and even those who may not have deserved it. Which is something good, that GOD taught both Joyce and I.

But With Joyce:
I had Twenty Eight years together that have gone by in a blink of an eye. We traveled life’s road and have been there and done that, made it through moments of pee your pants giggles, struggle and strife. Yet my life on this earth was made better With Joyce and yet I have to live another day and night alone.
Without Joyce:

Written by her Stud Muffin and Husband Sir Richard...
Photo of Joyce: by Sir Richard
Paul Brandt Video Condolence Message to Richard:
Paul Brandt - When you call my name

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