Saturday, March 11, 2017


My 3rd eldest puppy who we named Lily Bethany Abbenbroek or Lily Beth or Lily passed today.
I kissed Lily goodbye as the Doctor sent her to find Joyce and I then went to pieces before and after.
The silence here is deafening as Lily Beth had congestive heart issues & due to costs that would not save her anyway. I had to do the so called kind thing that feels not kind and she went to see JESUS and Mommy, Tribble Reba dog, Lucy Maria dog. Funny as the final thing that killed Joyce was congestive heart failure? Lily was Joyce's dog but adopted me to follow around for 10 years.
Once again, I feel as if I murdered her.
My inner belief is that all Good Dogs go to heaven and this is where
I believe as I said above Lily is right now. 
Many people would say "hey", it's just a dog but Lily was never just a dog.
For one, she was Joyce’s Dog, hence and most important she is family and I loved her so!
So today I need not apologize for feeling so sad, as I do right now.
For our Lily Dog, I dedicate this song as this is how now I feel:
Lily, say hi to Tribble, Lucy and give Mommy a big Pug lickie kiss for me!
Well, other than what to do with my collection, it is finished.
With Love, by Daddy - Sir Richard…
Photos by Sir Richard
Music by Annalisa - La prima volta

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