Monday, May 16, 2016


Fear, motivates us (or is it stress) from dawn to dusk.
There is no fear but fear itself, so once I had heard.
Stress makes us Crawl out of bed, Catch the bus, Climb those stairs.
Complete those tasks, Be safe, Watch over your shoulder.
Fearful you are of losing One’s Environment, Family member, Friends, Love, Your Life.
Both extremes, or are they just one in the same?
Who but GOD knows really, as it still motivates us all from dusk to dawn; Fear and Stress.
Witten by,
Sir Richard...

In the Music that I have added here, I believe that the Arab roots inside of Flamenco run deep; though some scholars also believe the word “Flamenco” means “Flemish”. Flamenco is a term which came into use in the 14th century and was first applied to the Andalusian Gypsies themselves, who were called either Gitanos or Flamencos. Flamenco music dates back to the Middle Ages, a time of turmoil on the Iberian peninsula. The once-mighty Muslim kingdoms were in a state of slow but steady decline, while the Catholic powers of central and northern Portugal and Spain steadily pushed south. The borderlands between the Muslim and Christian realms were the scene of a vibrant cultural exchange in an artistic cross-pollination. Flamenco was born in these marches where Arabs, Jews, Christians, Andalusian Gypsies and or Gitanos or Flamencos mixed freely.
Written by,
Sir Richard...
Photo by Sir Richard.
Music by Canadian Jesse Cook

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