Thursday, May 19, 2016


This piece by David Garrett “Explosive” reminds me of 2 things which I Love and I Love many things; #1 violin music of any type #2 the eye candy of a Dancer Performing as I find that the human body when set to movement is just like a painting but in 3D. David's video reminds me of a mini series titled Flesh and Bone that was about ballet dancers/pole dancers as in this piece.
For dancers and driving them between Clubs were one of the things that I needed to do to survive, as a single parent.
My youngest daughter was abducted (Yeah, I know, U heard the tale) but when I recovered her, I was broke, living in subsidized housing and had bill collectors who were like a pack of veracious starving wolves circling me.
Besides working my Library job and I thanks to my brother who got me a Saturday Night Special job as he was a DJ at both strip clubs.
My task was to work, waiting for one set of dancers to come off stage and shuttle in both directions all between both clubs.
I was paid $5.00 per hour and each dancer gave me a CDN Loony for the van trip that they picked up from the runway gifts.
Two other things I did at that time; for I was elected to the Library Union as the Vice President and I was also a Volunteer for Child Find Alberta. At CFA I took the grave yard calls for missing, abducted and runaway youth then I took my little girl to day care next day and got her after work but that is another story.
Back to my Dancers, who were quite different than street ladies that I met driving Taxi and who I always felt so sorry for, as they had no life plans and tomb stone eyes.
Dancers on the other hand had plans BIG plans; from being in the National Ballet to becoming Doctors (Really!). As they made a lot of cash Dancing and could retire young.
Many I think made it, many did not, I always hoped they did well but I do not really know, except for chatter and gossip that later came my way.
Then came a night that the Union and Library had their annual Happy Ho Ho party, which I helped organize and yes, the Veep (Me) had to put in an appearance.
I told the other Union Executive that I had some business to attend to that night. So, I could not stay long, more or less just put in an appearance, which I did with 4 dancers who were tickled pink that they could walk in with me as my arm candy of sort and as I ground my teeth.
They looked good and they had their night makeup on, for that touch of Moulin Rouge. They were polite, introduced themselves as Child Find Alberta volunteers as they knew what I did late at night for fun.
We were, so they told Library workers, going with me to the CFA Christmas get together and I was their Designated Driver.
I was so happy to leave that place as the looks we got made me even more wound up than I usually was back at that time. The Dancers, said come on Rich you did really well and you looked sooo.. GREAT with us of course LOL, to which, they all agreed!
Like I said I Love dancers and in hindsight, I did look kinda good, so off to the other club I drove, me and my Explosive Looking Dancers.
Written and Photo by Sir Richard…

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