Friday, September 21, 2012


ANNA It is said about me and I got to admit that is very true. That I always seem to fall head over heels in Love with Women whom I really admire and were about as obtainable for me, as myself taking a stroll upon the surface of the Moon. Well it is more than true actually and I can list (to maybe the embarrassment of many), of those Women in my life that fit that reality. Also, there are those on that list that I thought with “All My Loving”; that I could easily make them feel once again whole or that I could help them and change their life’s horrors. Some I even married and this was an even worse mistake for me and them but a learning curve none the less!

So back to ANNA; for she was a beauty that I Loved from afar but she might as well been on the nearest star. ANNA of course chose not me but a real Carburetor Head, Rockabilly with a Little Gob will do ya hair cut. Rat tail comb, tight jeans and Beatle boots with Cuban heals and worst of all -- he had a car.

I did not stand a chance, just like a snow ball in a Chinook, I faded away from ANNA’s life and mind… Yeah, I took it hard and continued with my 15 year old existence. Of my Rock Bands, smoking pot, hanging out, falling head over heels for other women, Air Cadets and Screw Driver Drinks/Cigarettes with friends on Nose Hill.

Then the impossible happened, ANNA rang me up and said she had a surprise to show me. Well away I went! After all this must mean that Mr. Grease Ball was yet now GONE! Yesssssssssssssssssss!!  Horray for Me!!!   ANNA had a surprise all right; a brand new baby boy (Grease Balls) and though I am a sucker for babies, then I was only 15 and being a Dad, well it was just not my time!  ANNA could see my thoughts on my face and she said was it because she had a baby? So as I could never lie to her, I told her the truth and with much tears in our eyes we parted.

Now at this stage of my life, as I look back at all who I Loved, whom I still Love and in reality I never stopped LOVING any of you at all even ANNA and even those who cannot read this now.
For I discovered the above just as time has changed us all and ohhh, one more bit of news; about my hard to get fantasy Women. One finally saw that they wanted me the same way I wanted her and we have been together ever since, that is my current wife. :)

A memory by Sir Richard…
With Love to you all and all that heaven will allow! 
Photo by Sir Richard.

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