Tuesday, August 14, 2012


These are photos that were taken of my visit Bhekulwandle, a Zulu township near Durban, on the east coast of South Africa 2008. Inside this modest home lays this littler boy’s Dad and the Husband to his Mother who is holding his little sister. Since then, Dad has died and Mom who also contracted AIDS has past also. Leaving this little boy, who was so proud to wear my Canada flag pin, to now be Mother and Dad to both him and his baby sister.  
Both of us have dreams, I told him about my puppies at home he introduced me guardedly to his friend and puppy. This little boys Dad lies weak and alone in his bed. He’s given up and refuses to eat or drink as he knows his fate and as far as he is concerned the food would just be a waist on him, and then there would be more for his Wife and children.
Volunteering that year for short moment with the Seed of Hope, I found one of the things this organization does is about getting people into better homes. You can see that these mud shacks only need but a hard rain to wash totally away and they do. It also assists the people who are suffering alone that need support, encouragement, and HOPE. In many cases, people will choose not to get help because often the embarrassment of their situation is worse than the suffering that they are experiencing (sometimes the suffering can be intense). We're so thankful to have two amazing community workers like Dan & Kerry Wiens who feel called to daily go out into the community and visit those who are alone and afraid. AIDS Care = /http://theseedofhope.org/projects/aids-care
Your support will enable residents of this township and surrounding community to receive medical attention, join an AIDS support group, send their children to after-school and spiritual activities learn a vocational skill. By sharing your resources, you have in fact shared HOPE, and the powerful effect of that HOPE is seen daily by the men and women who serve at the Seed of Hope. http://theseedofhope.org/
Dan & Kerry Wiens have been serving since 2009 and have a real heart for South Africa, Especially in seeing impoverished communities transformed by God's grace. They serve with Seed of Hope, a faith-based community development organization in Bhekulwandle, a Zulu township near Durban, on the east coast of South Africa.
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P.S. I have lived a better life than most on this planet. I am blessed really and if I could trade my life to better this little boy’s, GOD knows that I would do it in a flash!
With LOVE to you all and with all that heaven will allow.
Sir Richard…

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