Wednesday, July 20, 2016


My new friend, who from an early age worked hard as a rising UK Country artist, Jeannine Barry knew music was in her soul and that her destiny was to be a performer entertaining audiences the world over.

With an array of Nashville’s top musicians on hand to support and guide her, Jeannine went into the studio during April 2015 and the songs from these sessions were released on her new EP ‘Off The Hook’ in July 2015. The freedom and confidence Jeannine now possesses is evident throughout ‘Off The Hook’ as it brings together a number of different styles to provide her audience with the clearest indication yet that Jeannine is a country star on the rise.

In Jeannine’s own words ‘I want to do what I know I came here for and I want inspire and touch others with my music, make a positive difference in this world and give others a sense of hope. Music has always been what has kept me going and if I can do that for anyone then I'm happy.'
Jeannine Barry has a unique sound with honest lyrics that mix country and pop which appeals to a wide variety of music lovers.
Jeannine Barry - "All Night" released on her EP ‘Off The Hook’
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