Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Yess, I remember 2 things about these. During the Cuban Missile Crises my Mom cleaned ours out and filled it with water, so we could drink after the H-Bomb. The second, is I never really had a childhood as I was the eldest and as such had Adult responsibilities to do for all in my family. At 6, I was to run the rinsed clothes through the
ringer and I would feed it with my hand, a boring job. So I became distracted and the cloth of what ever I was shoving through caught my hand, then my arm and cloth plus arm both slowly went through the ringer with me screaming in terror!! GOD was with me for the designers had built into this wringer a pop release if too much went through it, or as I thought for idiots like me and when both got to my right elbow it POPPED OPEN! To my delight, then I realized that I had also peed myself. I remember these well...
By Sir Richard...

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