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My Uncle and the 2nd Canadian Infantry division helped liberate Holland and Westerbork where October 1939 it was built to interned Jewish refugees who had entered the Netherlands illegally then to Bergen-Belsen where my uncle saw his first Nazi Death Camp. Bergen-Belsen
Established in 1940 as a P-O-W (no gas chambers) in 1943-the Nazi’s converted it to a residence camp and then a concentration camp to
hold Jews, POW’s, political prisoners, Roma (Gypsies), "asocial", criminals, Jehovah's Witnesses and homosexuals.
July 1944 (7,300 prisoners)-April 15, 1945 (over 60,000 prisoners)
and including “Anne Frank and Family” who died from disease 2 weeks before on April 15, 1945, the day the camp was liberated.
The Outbreak of diseases such as typhus, tuberculosis, typhoid fever, and dysentery helped the Nazi’s in their quest for death.

Death rate rose to 400 per day.
Canadian and British troops found the 60,000 prisoners (most seriously ill)
More than 13,000 former prisoners, too ill to recover, died after liberation.
approx. 100,000 died from starvation and disease (typhus), or outright slaughter.

Canadian troops had a reputation as outstanding soldiers and a tough opponent.
Their involvement in the war against the Nazi’s may have scared the Nazi’s and was the cause of them retreating and abandoning the camps
less battles-more troops for both sides-less deaths.
What the Canadians saw was traumatizing (PTSD) and caused some troops to struggle after coming back from the war.

Westerbork established in October 1939 to intern Jewish refugees who had entered the Netherlands illegally.
1942 to 1944 Westerbork served as a transit camp before they were deported to extermination camps.
July 1942 and September 1944 almost 100,000 Jews passed through the camp.
Fewer than 5,000 of them survived.
April 12th 1945, Allied troops approached the camp, the Germans left - liberated by Canadian forces who found 876 inmates there.

Today Nothing remains of the camp as it was destroyed.

I only got him to talk once but I had a good teacher as to what really happened:
After all those illegals that will be rounded up before they are deported will have go somewhere?
As I said my favorite uncle was one of the Canadians that liberated Bergan-Belsen. He told me after many beers, (well quite a few); that he was on a detail to watch the SS Camp guards bury the thousands of camp dead. My Uncle was sickened by the whole horror. Then this entitled or he thought he was SS Sargent came up and refused to do any more! They argued a bit and my Uncle told the SS Sargent that if he did not continue putting holocaust victims that they created into the mass grave then he would join the murdered. The SS Sargent told my Uncle off and turned to walk off the burial detail with the other SS GUARDS. 

A Shot rang out from my Uncle's rifle. The SS Sargent dropped to the earth and then slid down to join his victims. The shell casing was ejected another round was now chambered in his rifle and the detail quickly got back on task and continued to bury the poor holocaust victims. Now you may think that this is just an old War story and that could never happen here? Well in Canada during WW1 we interned many who were nationals of Germany and of the Austro-Hungarian and Turkish empires. Also in Canada and the United States during WW2 we interned Japanese Canadians and so did the Americans. Mexicans and people of Islamic faith could be next as they are deported. Maybe even what is called non-patriots who by protesting or who gummed up the process could end up in camps too? Considering at this moment that the US does have the largest prison population on earth, so what's a few more camps?? #RESIST
by Sir Richard...

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