Monday, August 29, 2016


In My Opinion here are some thoughts about you; you are a Beautiful Person whom I like. For you are a Real Woman who can speak your mind and can also live on your own if some would take the time to think about it. I also married a real woman like you who was abused by a knuckle dragger, once upon a time.
One evening she ran to my home with her kids, with the help of her sister and sister in-law who brought her. For In My Opinion; the knuckle dragger was going to kill them all and then he was going to kill himself but he could not get past me or find me.
For my friend, my not yet wife knew I would do almost anything for her. Just as I drove their leased vehicle that he left his body in, back to the dealership for her and her family, as they could not do it and as I said, I was always her closest friend and she was mine.
We then spent the rest of our 20 years/28 years keeping each other alive and dealing with our shared problems and even had fun at times too. Well a lot of times in fact!
Sadly, in the end I failed as I could not prevent the Reaper from sneaking up and taking her.
So I sense that you also have been hurt by some knuckle dragger and this even with your naturally tough equality is a similarity just like my late wife’s which as I said; your strength I find attractive in the both of you. You two; who I know are very unlike some of the many high maintenance princesses, that I have met and found NO commonality with. For they are also like you and my late wife, whose one major weakness is in fact; not knowing the difference between a real man, or the still un-evolved attraction to a bad boy knuckle dragger.
But I am so done Lady Dazzling, as women like my late wife and you are hard to find. I consider myself a real man, who has evolved to work harder and standout past the bad boy knuckle draggers; as well for I use my real head.
So I kind of know about your pain and as time will produce more women like you two and less princesses and bad boy knuckle draggers will also evolve. Things for the future will one day only improve; again I am sorry you were both hurt as I do care.
by Sir Richard…
Photo by: Sir Richard
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