Monday, August 29, 2016


This is so important for me to talk about. Though those who are weak of heart please just delete as I know where Joyce is and she is waiting for me. Actually she is coming for me one day but I have reason to be here right now and it is not my time! My reason could be as simple as a smile but not slaying Dragons as I am more of a Don Quixote knight for my King of Kings JESUS CHRIST. Hence by His Command; a smile it is…
And Folks - Thank U.
We were both in sort of denial but BIG TIME, yet we both knew the end was coming. As the O2 to her brain was getting less and less and maybe she did see her Grandmother that one day before I brought her home from the Hospital.
Great Great Grandmother Henwood liked me Joyce said and I felt good about this as I am so loved within the family, eh?
As for the passing Joyce wanted it within her and my control only, as when her previous husband killed himself she was in such shock. Other family members took over and she lost control etc.
So with her at times and I alone we visited funeral homes for pricing and compassion comparisons. We choose a place out of town. The day of the final paper work for this service to be done, Joyce was to come and check things out but that morning she had lots of issues and she told me to go as she would be fine but was tired and wanted to stay at home.
After all I was only to be gone 1hr and 1/2 what could possibly go wrong? “Kiss Noise I Love You” to each other, there done and I was rushing back, actually speeding back which I do not do!
That was a cloudy day, when the sun suddenly came out and fell on my legs in the car. I felt really warm comfy and calm when a voice in my head within or without my head said: “It's OK Richard slow down as U need not speed now as everything is OK!”
When I got home the dogs were not right as Lily did not run to meet me but stayed on the couch looking well, different. I FELT ODD TOO and ran upstairs hobbled up actually. I found our other dog Lucy sitting beside Joyce. LUCY Looking at me then back to Joyce.
Joyce sometimes as her idea of a sick joke, that she would play dead on me sometimes to see my frantic reaction. Though pretending to be upset, I never really got mad as I did go along with it to make her laugh.
This time though, as I tried to get her to stop the this act, her reaction was all wrong with one eye was open and one eye shut. Her blanket I had covered her in earlier was sort of tossed but then she over heated and for Joyce this was nothing new.
I shook her and knew would stop the act just as she had in the past, NO this is not happening! WAKE UP JOYCE.!!!! I CALLED 911; started to do compressions but she had said to the hospital folks to not to do this to her as she did not want her ribs broken? I did compressions any way!
Not good on bed need to get her on the floor but my Cancer left arm has no strength and I will hurt her if she comes off the bed.
The guy at 911 was driving me crazy with questions and I am crying or cry howling really. Lucy dog leaves the room. I throw the phone across the room still compressing. She feels not right her O2 has been running and her tummy was distended.
Oh GOD, OH GOD, OH GOD!!!! The Doorbell rings; do I answer and go down stairs??? Compressions will then stop. Not good, not good. Funk U people I thought as I put both dogs in my office area. Run down stairs hobble down stairs and open the door, just then EMT, FIRE, POLICE ALL AT ONCE she’s upstairs! Like a herd of Buffalo we all moved back upstairs. They are with Joyce I break down even more as they had gotten her on the floor for better compressions.
My GOD THEY CUT HER BLOUSE OFF! defibrillator is charging I cannot stand, I cannot watch this if only I stayed home if only I did better compressions if only....
I retreated into the hallway bathroom and sit on the floor near the toilet as I thought I was going to be sick and I am still cry-howling!
Then the two Cops come into the bathroom WHY???
Clear 1st Defibrillation.  More Compressions, come on do it again I thought! Clear 2nd Defibrillation, Clear 3rd Defibrillation then what seemed the Longest Sound of Silence. Mr. Abbenbroek? yessss I sobbed and sputtered out.
Your Wife Is Dead.

Written by: Sir Richard… 
P.S. To those who wonder when will he stop? It still will take time and as one wave laps up onto my shore. A peace between happens until the next wave. As my ocean will become calm one day and all waves will happen no more...
Photo by: Sir Richard
The Beatles - I Want You (She's So Heavy)
Disturbed - The Sound Of Silence
The Beatles - Within You Without You, Tomorrow Never Knows

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