Monday, January 7, 2013


I find that you are asking the right questions about assault rifles and large magazine clips as they are appropriate. The shootings of late have come to a head when I saw the horror unfold on TV of the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary school.
As a Canadian I need a Canadian Fire Arms Certificate to acquire weapons or so I thought. After the Sandy Hook shooting and since that day I am not renewing my FAC in honour of those children and all victims of shooters. Having once served in the Canadian Armed Forces personally. In reality I have had all the gun use that I will ever need. I wish you well and PLEASE KEEP ASKING THE QUESTIONS as I believe you are on the right track! Let’s get rid of all assault rifles and large magazine clips.
Richard Abbenbroek
Calgary Alberta CANADA.

P.S. QUESTION: I take it that the licence is only for purchasing firearms?
ANSWER: Canadian Firearms Act
QUESTION: Is it required so you can have firearms in your home for self protection? ;
ANSWER: In Canada you can not have a firearm for home protection unless the intruder has an equivalent firearm.
Question: Does the restricted refer to certain types of firearms?
ANSWER: Here is the definition of restricted firearms that I am going to let lapse:
QUESTION: It was my assumption that all firearms were illegal under the Crown's rule.
ANSWER: No, we do not allow large clips or automatic weapons, we also have stringent background checks but if you are a real determined nut then you will get a weapon.
Your Second Amendment was as you know, designed in case Britain (Canadians), re-invade your country or if the Government became so intolerable that Militias could be formed from each State to protect that State’s rights hence the Civil War.
I was in the Royal Canadian Air Force and played Vietnam in the snow with US troops in CFB Gagetown New Brunswick. So having firearm knowledge helped me acquire my FAC Restricted Licence. I actually only got it to aquire a rifle or 2 for my bayonet collection. My fav is my 1942 Mosin Nagant Model 91/30 so mine is de-waded (firing pin broken, hole bored into the barrel, with a steel pin inside so you can not load a round.) This is good as I can do demonstrations about socket bayonets as my wife would not let me buy the 1863 US Springfield Rifle and Bayonet for $2,000.
I hope That I have answered you questions my brother!


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