Monday, March 26, 2012


CANCER SURVIVOR THOUGHTS #4 - When Cancer Wakes Me Up!
Cancer sometimes wakes you up through the night.
Through the torment of dreams from Cancer Fear, or for me my unwanted Nerve Damage of Cancer PAIN.
Another sleepless night as Cancer awakens me yet once again…

"LORD GOD; help me make it through this night!” I pray, as Cancer now has me wide awake.
So, I try one of my comfort thoughts; “Better the PAIN you know, then the Pain Meds that you do not!”
As once I had a terrible reaction to the Pain Meds, which now make me WANT NOT.

Then as I lay me down once again to sleep, this Pain can be so BAD I have even prayed; “LORD GOD take my soul and please LORD, you can now keep.”
Or please let me sleep deeply just once, through a Cancer Pain free night!
Like before this horror my LORD and then wake me gently, with the mornings light.

By, Sir Richard...

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