Wednesday, November 2, 2011


When you have Cancer you find out quickly, all who really Love You.
Yet at the same time there are those who surprise you, because they do not.
Bask in the ones who do Love You, for they are blessings whom will always help you through.
Forgive the ones, who do not, as they are but wheat chaff to be scattered in the wind…
Also, Cancer Battles are very lonely for they are just like a really scary Roller Coaster ride, that has you the lone rider, of which you are totally terrified on!
To date in regards with my Cancer Battle, I am tenaciously holding my ground.
My Faith though battered, seems like the Biblical reading from the Son;
Acts 9:16 “I will show him how much he must suffer in My name”.
So, until I find myself “Many Years Cancer Free” my Cancer Battle goes on and on,
For as always, “His will be done.”
To those who Love me – Thank You!

Sincerely, with Love sent back to you – from Sir Richard…

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