Wednesday, October 10, 2018


Yessss, I remember 2 things about these machines.
During the Cuban Missile Crises my Mom cleaned ours out and filled it with water, so we could drink after the H-Bomb. Then then my younger brother brought in some toy boats we had sitting out in some rain filled mud puddles and he decided to sail them in the clean washer water.
I caught heck for not standing guard properly over our H-Bomb free water supply, good we could not afford a firing squad for my sorry ass, dereliction of duty at 7.
The second memory is (as I believe that I never really had a childhood), because I was the eldest and as such had Adult tasks to help out my over stressed Mom.
At 8, I was to run the clothes and diapers through the wringer after clean and rinse cycles. Draining and refilling the washer each time and also even adding the soap.
The fun part was the wringer part, as I would feed it with clothes by hand, it was kinda fun watching the water squish out.
So one day I became distracted by day dreaming and the cloth I was shoving through caught my fingers, then my hand, then my arm along with the cloth I was feeding into the wringer and me screaming in Terror!!
I thanked GOD for the designers at Westinghouse, who must have had me in mind with a safety feature built into this wringer. That made it to pop release, if too much went through it! Or as I thought, for idiots like me! For when both the cloth and my right elbow got into the two wringer wheels, the whole thing suddenly POPPED OPEN, THEN THE WRINGER STOPPED!
Much to my freaking delight, I then realized that I had also peed myself.
Yes, I remember these machines really well...
Written by Sir Richard...
And now for something completely different, music by Nali

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