Friday, January 12, 2018


Setting; well I am back in the Library again, where Joyce and I once worked of course. In this dream I find it dark, mostly shadows, painted emotionally with the Librarian hierarchical pecking order, which always permeated the place in gloom and probably still does.
In this dream I was not working in the I.T. Department but more in a Circulation area, funny after 28 years of being at the Library I end up dreaming back almost at the beginning.
A Patron calls and someone says that what they want a hold that is supposed to be waiting for them.

So, I stop my shelf reading which is hard to do as everything is so blurry anyway and say, “I know where that is!”
Walking down a long dark shadowy Library corridor another worker (female), who I think I know from my past but do not. Suddenly pops out of where I just came from to say, you can forget the book as there is a phone call for you Richard!
Walking back, she says it's Joyce and sounds important; on the other end of the call there is a bit of static but it is Joyce and at the same time that I am talking, I can see us both at the same time like the movies and that Joyce is talking from a pay phone.
Our old Blue Chevy Beretta is idling beside her and there is someone, a young girl waiting in the back seat for Joyce motioning for Joyce to get back into the Beretta? I say hello and she says “Richard (static) coming t… pick you up…”.
More static and I see her lips move but no sound; I ask something stupid, “want me to drive?” Want to drive, am I mad, she can drive, what did I say that for??
STATIC Sound "Do.... worry, I will come to ..static)
Joyce looks more upset as she cannot get across what she wants to say to me and the line is becoming fainter, more static and all I can see is more frustration on her face.
Though I must admit that Joyce looks fantastic, like she used to and the girl in the back seat, yes it is a older teenage girl; who beckons Joyce again back into the Beretta.
My puppy dogs in real time now are trying to roust me from my sleep and I want to sleep more guys, please let me sleep! As I just got to find out what Joyce wants to say? The dream fades, and I start seeing the new day. If I could only lip read or just listen longer, guys come on, just let me sleep!
The line goes dead dream gone and I grudgingly awake to let my puppies out, now I am fully awake from my first dream about Joyce since she went home to JESUS.
For I Miss Her, I Am Thinking, Breathing and Dreaming Tonight Is Every Second about Joyce…YET I CANNOT SLEEP TONIGHT DUE THE BODY PAIN!!!!!
The pain throbs in my head as I sleep not as this bed in which I had tossed and turned in, is uneven in tormented uncomfortable wrinkles. The pain is great tonight in my temples.
By Sir Richard.

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