Thursday, July 27, 2017

No. 21 "Straight To The Bone"

No. 21 "Straight To The Bone"

I'm starring' at this empty chair, listening' for the laughter that went clear up to the ceiling.
It's so long since you were sitting there and now the rust is rusting' and the paint is peeling'
I miss you

I read your letters and I almost break.
They're warm like flannel, I can still smell your cream rinse.
I don't spend all my time missing' you like this, but when it hits, it hits…

You felt like home, and I feel you now straight to the bone.
I miss you...

This sure can be a lonely place.
I want to look up and see you there standing' in the stairway.
And I'd give anything to kiss your face and help you blow out the candles on your next birthday.

You felt like home.
I feel you now, straight to the bone.
I miss you...

I want to hear you in the kitchen, making' noise, singing' out a tune at the top of your voice.
I wear these memories, it's a blessing and a curse cause when it hurts, it hurts.

You felt like home and I feel you now, straight to the bone.
I miss you...
I miss you...
By Martina McBride - Straight to the Bone
Posted for the Lady Joyce and I,
What would have been our 21st Wedding Anniversary…
From her Sir Richard…

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