Monday, February 20, 2017

Votes ‘No’ to TRUMP

 British Parliament Makes History and Votes ‘No’ Regarding State Visit from Trump

In a historic move, British Parliament is debating whether or not to invite President Trump for a state visit. The government body has never debated whether or not to invite a U.S. President to a state visit, and today they voted a resounding “no” regarding the visit.
The debate and subsequent vote were held in response to a petition signed by at least 1.8 million British citizens. Trump’s “well-documented misogyny and vulgarity” were among the reasons the petitioners were calling for the trip to be downgraded from a state visit to a simple visit.
In an insult riddled debate, Trump was said to be behaving like a “petulant child” and Labour MP Paul Flynn referred to the President’s intellect as “protozoan.” Flynn offered a respectful conciliation towards the U.S. when he said: “We all in this room hold in great respect the US presidency, their constitution, their history,” and that there was “no question of any disrespect towards that country.”
Flynn said that offering a state visit to Trump would send the message that Britain approved of the President’s conduct.
David Lammy, Labour MP, said the U.S. President could expect to be invited to the U.K., but that offering him a full state visit was not acceptable. Lammy said Britain offering such an invitation would be to “abandon all its principles” and added the invite came as a result of the government’s desire to make trade deals with the U.S.
“We didn’t do this for Kennedy, we didn’t do this for Truman, we didn’t do this for Reagan, but for this man … we say, ‘Please come and we will lay on everything, because we are so desperate for your company,'” Lammy said. “I think this country is greater than that.”
Just spoke against Trump's state visit. This country is better than this. My children, especially my daughter, deserve better than this.
David Lammy (Feb. 20th 2017)
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