Tuesday, November 13, 2012


GOD gave us all choice and every day after we awake.
From inside our Hearts and Minds, we have this choice.
To do Good on this Earth, or Not...
For we are very good at Killing, Violating and Coveting, while;
So many more have nothing and even so many more are blessed with much.
We have tried the old methods for well over 18,000 years!
That is why we are so good at it… Consider This;
Though we would be like new born foals if we tried to Share a little,
Care a little and Choose Love instead of Hate.
Our untried legs would only be a little unstable from our new life’s Choice.
Then just as this foal grows, yes watch us run and our new Choice Grow!

By Sir Richard
With Love to you all and to you all also, that heaven will allow!

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