Thursday, July 12, 2012


FINE; unless Women are talking about dining, wine or china, if they tell you something’s “fine,” it borders on bad.
Some Women, and many others, see this “fine” as an F-word, an acronym for Fouled-up, Insecure, Neurotic and Evasive. Hey I can relate to that at times! ;)
“In our culture, “fine” usually implies fair, but not good or great. If Women/Male want to say something is good or great, most choose uplifting, energizing words which translate to ‘better than average.’ “Fine” implies average or mediocre”.
For some this goes back to elementary school terminology. Great is an ‘A.’ Good is a ‘B.’ “Fine” is a ‘C.’?
In fact the Dictionary defines the word “fine” as “excellent,” “very well” or “superior” for some that is just plain wrong.
So when a male say something’s “fine,” paranoia sets in for some females. Then some Women lament over what’s wrong, as they are usually convinced the problem was their fault. If anyone declares their current state as “fine,” some deem that worrisome and must get to the bottom of the issue?
Also many females, it seems, read negativity into the word “fine.”
Guys hear or say the four-letter word “fine”and take it at face value. But trust me brothers you shouldn’t!
“When Women use the word “fine”, particularly in conversation with a man, it usually means the opposite, and any man should shudder!”
Women responding to a topic and say “fine”. When this word leaves their lips then I can also assure you that something’s brewing or they just don’t want to get into the details.
“Fine” is usually used when things are anything but “fine.” However, even though it tends to seem like it begs the asker to dig deeper, that is usually the last thing Women want. As they use “fine” more in the sense that things suck right now and they really do not care to explain any further!
Delivery plays a huge role in the word “fine”. “Dammmmn, girl, you look “fine” says nothing negative. In fact, that’s a compliment. Use it much but be careful as it also can be a two edged sword against you if you do not see the very subtle; “fine” but I’m really not feeling that way!!!”
“The symphony put on a fine performance!” denotes positivity.
Then also a monotone “I’m fine” at best means neither bad nor good. Fine, simply put, falls flat.
Besides, “fine” says very little, again unless you’re the type who can read into things easily.
One could just establish a new acronym for “F.I.N.E.”; maybe meaning Fabulous, Insightful, (on cloud) Nine and Excellent.
With that meaning, most would I believe would be happy to declare themselves F.I.N.E.
So Today I am “F.I.N.E.” and this is for all my female friends and family whom I LOVE!
Also this is sent with LOVE to you all and all that heaven will allow!
Sir Richard… is at this moment “F.I.N.E.”
The Beatles performing I’ll Feel Fine (1966) remember, well I do because I feel F.I.N.E:

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