Sunday, July 14, 2019

Open your flowers or your minds to each other, as time slips past us all very fast.
Sure, you have lots of time to say Hello as the song says but not really.
Take those folks in that Quebec pub, eh? There one minute the next, totally GONE.
So if you work hard like an Ant and yes, as such you may even bring beauty to things that surround you.
Though if you do not take the moment and say; “Hey how are you?” or “ I just wanted to say that I Love You”. It may be too late and yes if you miss that moment of chance you will regret it, as that moment may be also totally be GONE!
As I found out the hard way that recently as one minute Joyce who I Love can be there and the next, she was NOT!
So please smell the flowers, as the Ants worked hard for this and all that I will now say is this: "THAT I LOVE YOU!"
Sincerely & Really…
Sir Richard…who wrote this and took this photo.

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