Thursday, July 11, 2019

My First Visit:
Instead of following the rules for the city wide Air Raid drill in 1962. After talking to my Dad the night before, that I was worried what if I would not make it home. He explained that I was not to worry as where ever we were. We would all end up in heaven if the bomb came. With this bit of info under my belt, I decided to instead of going right home, to treat my friend to a milkshake each as I had $.25. So because I was the last one to go home and back in the whole school and have my Mom sign and time the school note for the Air Raid Drill. I was sent to the office after I explained the Dairy Queen Milkshake adventure to my teacher. I got the strap from the Principal on both hands. As he informed me that was because, I did not take Nuclear War seriously?
By Sir Richard.
My Second And Last Visit:

(Well almost there was two more, but that's another story)
I was also strapped for creating a fib for the knife I brought to school. All my friends had Daniel Boone pocket knives and Swiss Army knives but I had none. My Dad would not let me and my brother's carry such a thing. Being jealous (yet another sin) I took a butcher knife from home to school and now this is a knife! Well my teacher brought me down to the office. My Dad was called from work, the Police came as I made up that I found it at a murder scene. My Dad said Baa dat is mein Vifes kitchen butcher knife. I got the strap, plus a spanking at home! Also every boy was sent to the office and had to empty their pockets and surrender his pocket knife. If they wanted it back they had to claim it with there Parents at Parent teacher interviews. The Principal over the loud speaker on the next days morning announcements, prohibited all pocket knives for ever, along with any other weapon we could acquire and bring to school. I was very sore for a week and not very popular for a year or two after and from that I learned not to fib!
By Sir Richard.

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