Monday, July 15, 2019

With all the recent stuff that has happened in our world and society, along with me, Satan's Assaults.
I pray to FATHER GOD, JESUS CHRIST & THE HOLY SPIRIT; as all this has really taken a toll on me mentally/emotionally. My Heart is Hurting and there's nothing I can really say or do but JESUS CHRIST I place myself into Your Holy Hands - Amen!
This music that I post here is but a bandaid and is but one of the things that calm me a little.
I if I may, I'll just share this amazing piece with you.
Here is a short Adagio for Strings performed by the Cello Guy.
Written and Photo by Sir Richard...
P.S. NOTE: I may have not been the best of Dad's. But I do have 2 amazing Daughter's and 3 Spectacular Grandchildren not including my Grand Quadropeds!

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