Saturday, July 27, 2019


I need to be straightforward at this point, for I am stuck in Grief because I have allowed my wife’s loss to become the central focus of my life along with other horrors of my past, now totally dominating my existence. My loss has become larger than all other relationships, larger than God’s purpose for my existence, even larger than GOD.
So I asked through prayer, how does one get unstuck? What does one do with the loneliness and suffering?
So I got down on my knees and I lift up my hands in the presence of the LORD and say; “Lord here is my self-pity, which I confess it as a sin. My self-isolation I also confess it as a sin. Father GOD allow the blood of JESUS CHRIST cleanse me from all my sins. For only through You GOD the Father, JESUS CHRIST the Son and the HOLY SPIRIT, can I be delivered from this self-preoccupation.” Amen.
“FATHER GOD, I want to serve You LORD and not myself. For I am only making things worse for by focusing on my loss and my troubled past, which in reality is focusing on totally myself. Again I confess my self-preoccupation, and I ask that You Father GOD forgive me and deliver me from my sinful habits. I pray this in the name of GOD the Father, JESUS CHRIST the Son and the HOLY SPIRIT”. Amen.
This is my Truth,
So says my past by, Sir Richard…

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