Thursday, January 7, 2016

SATURDAY JAN. 9th 2016 SIR RICHARD @ 61 :)

SATURDAY JAN. 9th 2016 SIR RICHARD @ 61 :)
And now for my favourite song of all songs:
I say this to my Family, Friends and those whom I Love and have Loved.
As I squeeze off another round of life, I have only one wish for all of you!
That you celebrate each of your Birthdays with as much passion and conviction as you might have done with your lives!
Please keep in mind, that each breath you take throughout each day that you’re alive, is really a blessing from “GOD”. Until the day that we are all called home!
So keep your eye on the sites, your powder dry and your safety off only as needed!
As I “Thank All of You” for the blessing of knowing each one of you, good or bad for you have all taught me something.
At the same time I thank “GOD” for blessing me with another year of the 61 years of my life and yes, this is my life’s song:
Sincerely and with “Love to You All” from,
Sir Richard...
P.S. may your Birthday when it arrives, also be Happy! :)
Oh, by the way Joyce…
My biggest regret is that now that my wife has past. I shall never feel the arms of a woman, watch her sleep at night and see the beauty of her back and curves. Be held again in safety close to her chest...

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