Saturday, April 20, 2019


Does Love from your heart, dissipate like chimney smoke?
Or is it rock hard like granite, lasting for all of our eternities...
Do you stop Loving someone that you once Loved or have lost?
I think not, you store it in your heart and bring it out like a photo album.
To view and at times even share but it is stored and it never stops.
Can you Love more than one person in your lifetime,
or is your personality like that of a single railway track?
Never diverting only going one direction and never to be shared...
I think not.
LOVE, is like the spokes of a bicycle wheel.
Racing out to as many as one needs to move on and always centered back.
To the Love from your GOD intended it to be, for He put that LOVE in your heart...

Written and Photo by,
Richard Abbenbroek...
With Love and all that heaven will allow!

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