Monday, April 22, 2019


Have you ever seen the aftermath of a suicide?
Well I have from when I was 12, where I had to bind up the wrists of an adult with dish towels, to the suicide of a young boy that we all took to bullying as a daily norm and his splatter on the garage wall from a shot gun stayed there for years.
To a young woman who dove off the barracks building in the Armed Forces one night landing on her head right in front of me and which still haunts me to this day!
At work, one woman dove off a building next door but my brain could not comprehend what was falling, so I counted the floors she past each one. Only to figure what was happening upon that persons landing.
To coworkers or friends, even a Doctor who one day seemed just fine and after the weekend I came back to work or see them to find out that they were dead. You wonder if there was more that you could have done, or why you did not do something, anything!
The one Lady whom was the dearest Lady in all of my life, came to my house one night because I was her “Best Friend”. I must have given off an air of safety, for she even brought 2 of her kids.
The third was at relatives home and my Lady was driven to my home by a sister in-law and a sister.
What was happening was that her husband was threatening her and the rest of his family with a possible murder and or I thought suicide.
Happily they were not around when he finally cried out with his last violent solution.
Then killed himself but I saved the rest though as he rose to Sainthood through the years for some reason. The more I tried to save my Lady the harder and harder it became, until she too past due to illness. It now sort of seems to me, that her death was just meant to be and I only just postponed the inevitable. Then again, she did have a life and was “LOVED” by me.
IMO Suicide is really just an act of terror perpetrated against everyone who's ever known you, everyone who's ever loved you and everyone whom in the future you would have loved.
The people closest to you, the ones who cherish you, are the ones who suffer the most pain.
Written and photo
by Sir Richard.

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