Sunday, April 21, 2019


 GOD knows how much of a coward I am so He let me find and be with my close friends, who really Love me and some are even sort of my “EARTH ANGELS” for lack of a better term but Angels none the less, to assist me in my recent personal crisis.
At Church recently our Sermon was about "WORRY”
Which for some I have found for them, that worry is only daily and a bit recreational but for myself, it is a life style!
Due to my Wife's illness, my Cancer, Heart Disease, & Out of control Diabetes.
Along with my Cancer Neuropathy Pain and Internal Bleeding that they cannot seem to find?
Physically and emotionally I can go, on and on and on…
So it looks like that I will be able to continue my worrying lifestyle, 

with as much comfort as I wish!
Now back to the recent Sunday Sermon, I felt that it was written personally for me…
As all of the above things have me worrying about what is going to happen to my Family, Friends, and those whom I Love, furry or otherwise if I go. Lately it seems that this is all that I do, is cry all the time and worry but why?

A friend told me about their take on my worry; That GOD will take care of all whom I care about. That I should receive His Joy that He makes available to me now!
Normally as I have stated, I have my “WORRY” stacked up inside my own personal corner.
For really, all of us will one day be in heaven and yes, GOD will take care of you, all of my Family, Friends whom I Love, furry or otherwise.

The thing that I find about dying and again; we will all die one day. My real “WORRY” is I guess, is about the act of dying, or to simplify; it is the “PAIN” to do so: DIE.
For this is I believe, really what I am worried about and not about 

myself going to heaven or not.
Or if GOD will provide for you my Family, Friends whom I Love, furry or otherwise but the fear of me going through that momentary bit of Pain, Dying that worries me…
These are just thoughts that I have had, after watching someone whom I Love recently almost beat me to heaven and THANK GOD, she did not!
Again, thoughts which have been posted today for you all with Love 
and all that heaven will allow!
Sincerely - Richard.

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