Monday, April 1, 2019


Some people believe that GOD controls everything we do, a sort of a chess player GOD, playing both sides of the board, making all His moves and all ours too but clearly, this is not so.
It is GOD who takes immense risks.
No doubt the biggest risk of all was when He gave angels and man free will, including the freedom to reject Him, not just once, but every single day.
Then He can’t be moving all the pieces on the board, because people sin all the time.
For through fallen angels powers via mankind or by mankind alone, we commit horrendous daily Evil.
One case in point, does GOD stop every bullet that was fired at an innocent victim?
Does He also prevent tornados, storms, landslides and other natural calamities from harming us?
There is something much more risky going on here than we’re often willing to admit.

Most of us do everything we can to reduce the element of risk in our lives.
We wear our seat belts, or as in my case really watch cholesterol, or by putting on helmets while biking.
I have seen some people, who have trouble even leaving their homes altogether! (Myself Included)
As they are not willing to chance the heartache of encountering like everyone else has, the good or bad that exists inside and outside of their own walls.
What if they are killed in a car crash, a drive by shooting, a tornado, or drown like people did in the Titanic?
What if they or their family, choose to one day turn their backs on GOD and become Evil?
What if . . . ???

GOD seems to fly in the face of all caution.
Even though He knew what would happen, what heartbreak and suffering and devastation at times would follow upon our birth onto this broken world.
GOD chose to still have us as His children and unlike some hyper-controlling parents, who take away every element of choice they can from their children, GOD gave us a remarkable choice.
As I believe that all GOD really desires from us, is what we have in our hearts and heads.
For as the gentle sunlight awakens us each day, we can “GIVE THANKS TO GOD FOR THE FREEDOM OF CHOICE” and each day, choose whether to be a Good Person or Not!

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By Richard Abbenbroek…
A knight in the service of the King of Kings!

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