Sunday, April 10, 2016


IWD 2016 campaign theme #PledgeForParity
Women's movements are among the most global of modern social movements.

For Example: Say “NO” to ZabarJinsi (Rape) !! Lets Break the Silence !!
Pakistani Women started the movement against rape. Till recently, there wasn't any word for "rape" in Urdu. The Naari Tehreek (women's front) movement has created a local name for it : ZabarJinsi.
The above is well said to all of those male pigs who cannot and do not have any self-control at all!  And the tradition of total covering up women, just allows the approval of these male pigs to continue their lack of self-control toward women

Help women and girls achieve their ambitions:
EY's Global Diversity & Inclusiveness Officer, Karyn Twaronite, interviews Deborah Gillis, CEO of Catalyst on accelerating the pace of women's advancement in the workplace:
EY report: is an overview of mentoring and sponsorship at EY and why they're critical to reaching gender parity
Forbes article:Mentoring and sponsorship; Beyond The Olympic Flame, How Mentoring Guides Former Atheletes the importance of a mentoring program for athletes and how a background in sport can help accelerate a woman's leadership.
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