Thursday, September 18, 2014


"Hallelujah!” to GOD I sing but tonight again I am home alone, & without my wife.
For I cry in the morning, again in the evening, as my tears fall down,
My soul tearing loneliness; it brings me to my knees, right to the ground.
For in thy chest aching pains, spasms, which cannot be described, I feel…
Still I thank that you’re near me my GOD;
Yet I ask, when will my suffering be gone?
Sent with all my LOVE, to You my GOD & my wife Joyce I am Waiting
for You/her, Listening for You/her, Watching for You/her, Wishing for You/her
and one day in the future, when GOD You decide through CHRIST JESUS
Joyce, I shall be with our LORD & also be near you once again…
Again through CHRIST JESUS - GOD the Father & Holy Spirit;
I ask, when will my suffering be gone?
“Hallelujah & Amen!”
Autumn is a parable of ourselves, as we are autumn beings. For I have
found Autumns mornings are more poetic and Autumns sunsets more
Those are all beautiful in Autumns melancholy and
as these moments of Autumns melancholy are its beauty.
So are all of us…. 
by Joyce’s STM & devoted Grimm - Richard.

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