Friday, September 19, 2014


To the Family of Susan Hart, this week I was informed about Susan’s passing.
If I may share some of my beliefs, I believe that Susan’s recent passing is more to be envied then pitied, for we mere mortals cannot distinguish between those who are deserving of grace and who are not.
Only the Lord can and as such, with all knowing He knows, of the good person that is Susan.
I am confident that Susan now enjoys that bliss, which is prepared only for the good and virtuous.
If I may also, I believe that you can comfort yourselves in reflecting that Susan now enjoys in substance, what we in this world, can only imagine what heaven will be like.
May the Lord give your family the strength, to see you all through this most difficult of times.
Shared with my deepest condolences & in Susan's Memory.
Richard Abbenbroek...

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