Friday, August 10, 2012


Hello, you’re not going to be pleased but you are so close to me some of you I consider my blessing from GOD as my Earth Angels but I have to vent. For if and when I pass on and I believe that I will, as Good Lord calls everybody home! What I would like is to be surrounded by people whom I LOVE before I die if not physically, then in spirit. It is hard work being a mother duck and rounding up the people whom you have loved and do love for decades.
As I am so tired of fighting the Canadian medical system as I am no hero; I fail much and now I am really tired of it all and I just wanted to talk to you even if only for 1 more time! For I now want GOD to take me home.
From the July 20th to July 31st every night I had to urinate every hour, I still do. Back then though the pain from doing that actually hurt so much that it made me cry and as now, I have every night little sleep. The pain is so bad it is just like Tom Hanks had on the Movie the Green Mile, only I do not have a John Coffey to help me. The entire Urologist Department along with my family Doctor are all on vacation till Aug 13th and 14th. So on July 31st I went to Emergency and they tested and found that I have an enlarged Prostrate and hardening of the Bladder, blood in my urine and also in guess what and so they gave me some pills to relieve the pain by shrinking my prostate which those other Doctors were supposed to give me on July 20th? On this Monday I finally see my Family Doctor, to probably be referred to another Doctor Richard battle;

Life sucks sometimes and then it sucks worse but there is always a glimmer of peace in someone’s smile, or someone saying "Thanks" or just eating a chocolate. It isn't easy being here on earth and trying to maneuver thru the Merde! ;) Lovely word my Canadian Cousin taught me. He's a great guy very caring, loving and would do anything for those he loves and even for his fellow man if they need it. He is an awesome guy!!

(Thee Above Are Some Of Kindest Words Ever Spoken To Me!)
Thank You All and too All With LOVE, an all that heaven will allow!
From Sir Richard…

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