Wednesday, October 11, 2017


IMO Sounds like the press wants a nuclear war. No one will benefit from a nuclear war. The press needs to stop reporting on everything Trump says and Trump needs to stop tweeting like a high school kid on everything. Such nonprofessional demonstrations by all parties.

The premise of these news reports or articles are nonsense as they all assumes that Kim Jong un wants to commit suicide! Why would he?
Since his Granddad was threatened by Ike, as one of the reasons to end the Korean War with Nuclear War, is where their passion to have Nukes came from.
With 30-60 nuclear weapons almost guarantee's his survival, through nuclear deterrence. The real wild card is not Kim's sanity. It's Trump's! Is Trump willing to waste hundreds of thousands of US, Korean, and Japanese lives attacking North Korea? We lost as allies 60,000 soldiers and airmen in 7 years in Vietnam along with 2,000,000 Vietnamese and for what? They are our allies now and they are still communist in some form.

In all how popular was that war? We could lose that many in a moment in a new Korean War. Normally, that would be unacceptable, we would learn to live with one more nuclear armed nation, as we have with the USSR and other adversaries. But we don't know if Trump has thought about this or through, or even cares about casualties. He has no experience in public service of any kind and no military service of any kind either.
He speaks and communicates impulsively, with little wisdom in evidence, and he doesn't appreciate what WAR really is!
The root of the problem is a stupid segment of American Republican voters elected an unfit, even unhinged man to President and the Republican members of Congress will not get the courage to step up and get rid of him immediately, impeaching him through some sort of Constitutional Amendment.

Making vague threats that there will be "a storm" or the "calm before the storm" that a President of the most powerful country on earth cannot be self disciplined?
IMO qualifies him along with his past for Impeachment on some sort of grounds. So, grow some balls and or backbone and step up and do it, those in position of power! If you love your country and the world above your ass kissing of the current tenant of the White House!!

Nine countries together possess around 15,000 nuclear weapons. The United States and Russia maintain roughly 1,800 of their nuclear weapons on high-alert status (always), ready to be launched within minutes of a warning. Most are many times more powerful than the atomic bombs dropped on Japan in 1945. A single nuclear warhead, if detonated on a large city, could kill millions of people, with the effects persisting for decades.

The failure of the nuclear powers to disarm has heightened the risk that other countries will acquire nuclear weapons. The only guarantee against the spread and use of nuclear weapons is to eliminate them without delay. Although the leaders of some nuclear-armed nations have expressed their vision for a nuclear-weapon-free world, they have failed to develop any detailed plans to eliminate their arsenals and are modernizing them.
How many nuclear weapons are there in the world?


United States
The first country to develop nuclear weapons and the only country to have used them in war. It spends more on its nuclear arsenal than all other countries combined.
6,800 warheads

The second country to develop nuclear weapons. It has the largest arsenal of any country and is investing heavily in the modernization of its warheads and delivery systems.
7,000 warheads

United Kingdom
It maintains a fleet of four nuclear-armed submarines in Scotland, each carrying 16 Trident missiles. Its parliament voted in 2016 to overhaul its nuclear forces.
215 warheads

Most of its nuclear warheads are deployed on submarines equipped with M45 and M51 missiles. One boat is on patrol at all times. Some warheads are also deliverable by aircraft.
300 warheads

It has a much smaller arsenal than the US and Russia. Its warheads are deliverable by air, land and sea. It appears to be increasing the size of its arsenal at a slow pace.
270 warheads

It developed nuclear weapons in breach of non-proliferation commitments. It is increasing the size of its nuclear arsenal and enhancing its delivery capabilities.
110–120 warheads

It is making substantial improvements to its nuclear arsenal and associated infrastructure. It has increased the size of its nuclear arsenal in recent years.
120-130 warheads

It has a policy of ambiguity in relation to its nuclear arsenal, neither confirming nor denying its existence. As a result, there is little public information or debate about it.
80 warheads

North Korea
It has a fledgling nuclear weapons program. Its arsenal probably comprises fewer than 10 but could be between 30 -60 warheads. It is not clear whether it has the capability to deliver them but let’s for the sake of argument keep it at;
> 10 warheads.
WORLD TOTAL = 14,900 warheads

From my Photos of my past, has the world changed much =
NO NOT REALLY, NOT REALLY AT ALL! - posted by Richard.

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