Friday, October 6, 2017


NOT SO” ...
Have you ever seen the aftermath of a suicide?
People generally commit suicide, or attempt suicide, because they are simply unable to cope with life and with their emotions. Overwhelming negative feelings such as anger or depression have become too much for them to bear, making suicide seem like the only feasible option.

It is a tragic thing that happens all too often, and is extremely traumatic for the victim's friends and family, who are left behind to grieve. When someone commits suicide, their loved ones are often wracked with anguish and guilt, wishing they had done something before it happened. They feel that if they had taken some action to help the person when they had the chance, their dearly departed loved one would still be alive.

For when I was 12, where I had to bind up the wrists of an adult with dish towels who went into crises. The suicide of a young boy that we all took to verbal bullying as a daily norm and his brain splatter from a shot gun was on their garage wall for years!

At work, I witnessed one woman who dove off the building next door but my brain could not comprehend what was falling, so I counted the floors she past each one. Only to figure what was happening upon that persons landing.
To a young woman in the Armed Forces one night ended her life, which still haunts me to this day!

For when I was in Basic Training in the Air Force this young Lady dove off a barracks building and opened her head just in front of me, could not understand what I was seeing. Yet in true military tradition, all was covered up before breakfast.

To coworkers or friends, even a Doctor who one day seemed just fine and after the weekend I came back to work or see them to find out that they were dead. You wonder if there was more that you could have done, or why you did not do something, anything!

The one Lady whom was the Dearest Lady in all my life, came to my house one night because I was her “Best Friend”. I must have given off an air of safety, for she even brought her kids. She left as she feared she would be part of a murdered but the other committed suicide.

My Lady was driven to my home by a sister in-law and a sister.
What was happening was that her husband was threatening her and the rest of that family with a possible murder and or I thought murder/suicide.

Then as I said he killed himself but I saved her and for the rest of her life She was “LOVED” by me as she did have a Life!

This is the same with every suicide that I have ever come across, every single one!

Suicide is really just an act of terror perpetrated against everyone who's ever known you, everyone who's ever loved you and everyone whom in the future you would have loved.

The people closest to you, the ones who cherish you, are the ones who suffer the most pain. They are most damaged from your suicide bomb circle of death, which you detonated through or by, whatever means. I need not go into these ways, as the means are usually the end.

For as a 12 year old I have always asked myself, why would a person do that?
Why would you do that to people who love you? People say that they I had no choice and or it was a cry for help but you cannot help someone who is already dead.
Now with regards to suicide, I don’t believe that there is “NO CHOICE”. For in my grief I too considered committing my own suicide very, very seriously!

Then I found for myself that there a choice!

As one idea, reach out to someone is totally alone, bring some food, crap to eat you know junk food to share. Or go serve at one of the many homeless shelter kitchens as a Volunteer.
To clean dishes and or serve those less fortunate than you.

Or Volunteer anywhere, that you can use your natural talents or relieve the volunteers there, so they can have time off with their families. Bring your kids and start sort of a family tradition, so they to will know what it is to share the bounty of this great land! 
For that’s what Thanksgivings all about, Charlie Brown.
With All my Lovin,

Written by Sir Richard…

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