Wednesday, July 8, 2015


I would give a “Grand Prize Winning Lotto Ticket” to have Joyce healthy, back and alive! I would personally work myself into health, so Joyce and I could enjoy each other for many more decades on.
Much thinking which I have done about; “if I only had met Joyce earlier in our lives?” What caused I believe Joyce to be attracted to me was, this man (me) who was also a single dad. Doing his best, with as Joyce said I h
ad "a big heart" to raise his youngest daughter and also kept close to his eldest daughter too. So meeting Joyce any time earlier may have had the reverse and possible negated observation for her about me; who had not yet finished his metal work done in GOD's forge.
Joyce always stood by me as I fought for my children’s rights in court, as I stood by her during her trials, so loyalty and being supportive for each other was paramount for the both of us!
What attracted me to Joyce, of course was her good looks but mostly her real woman qualities. She was smart, learned quick, loyal and strong, plus loving but not in public. Great humour devoted and had an equal big heart that she used to raise her own children with. For as I said before, loyalty and being supportive for each other was paramount for us both!
Yes, I know that being descriptive for Joyce is easier to describe about her, then for me to describe what Joyce saw in me, which to this day I still have a difficult time to explain and comprehend? Going back in time is impossible and each dreamt up time line that I thought through, usually ended up all wrong. So I just have to consider myself today to be most blessed with Joyce by GOD! Though the pain of her loss is greater than the measured decades which sadly, are now gone with Joyce decades on…
By Sir Richard
Who feels that his days are written as thus:

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