Saturday, July 4, 2015


I'm starring at your empty easy chair, listening for your chatter that gave me such comfort and a good feeling.
It's seems so long since you were sitting there and now its empty like the hole in my heart that left me reeling.
Joyce I miss you...

I look at your photos and I almost break.
Your eyes stare back with warmth like your flannel night gown that you used to wear as the day got late.
As I don't spend all my time missing you like this, but when it hits, it hits.
As you made this house feel like a home and I feel you now though I am alone.
Joyce I miss you...

This sure can be a lonely place.
I look up at the landing and at times I can see you standing there or in the hallway.
I'd give anything to kiss your face and watch TV with you, the 4th of July fireworks on your Birthday.
For you made this house feel like a home.
I feel you now, I wonder if that's you on the phone?
Joyce I miss you...

Do I ever want to hear you in the kitchen, making noise, singing a Twitty tune at the top of your lungs.
I wear these memories, it's a blessing and yet a curse cause when it hurts, it hurts.

Yet you made this house feel like home and at times I feel you now, with your Love and GOD's, yet I am still feeling all alone!
Joyce I miss you... 

With Love from your STM - Sir Richard…
Happy Birthday Lady Joyce. :) 

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