Sunday, June 14, 2015


Sometimes I feel like I never did quite fit in.
As if I'm always a little out of place.
It's hard to be everything to everyone.
There are so many roles in life that I had to play…
Sometimes even now I'm just barely hanging on.
Forever it seems like I was always fighting, to be strong.
It has taken a lifetime to find someone, to whom that I belong.

But when you Loved me Joyce, every part of me felt,
Like I was alright and I am where I was meant to be.
When you touched me, you reached through to
my soul, to the deepest place inside of me.
Joyce in your arms I knew that through you,
and GOD I was free…
Finally I was loved for the man I was meant to be.

With you Joyce, I can't believe how beautiful I did feel.
From you there was is nothing to hide.
Then I was unafraid and my life was so completely real.
Oh and GOD I never felt more alive!
As in this life it can be so hard for one to understand.
But Joyce in your eyes you and GOD only saw me for who I am.
And JESUS, I repented; yet you Saved this sinful man.

Father GOD, in this life or next, please hold me close;
never let me go!
JESUS CHRIST, allow me shine in your Eternal Glow.
For my prayers end with the HOLY SPIRIT and a Amen,
As I have prayed at times that You GOD would take this lonely man.
SOMETIMES I FEEL; GOD take me to Joyce, please bring me home…
As only You know LORD; how SOMETIMES I FEEL…
Sir Richard…

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