Tuesday, October 28, 2014


This morning Oct. 28th, 2014, as I walked my puppy dogs across the other side of the park between 6:55 am - 7:20 am. I watched this guy; age 35-45, 5'-5", balding head with hair on either side of his head, glasses, dressed in business suit with long dark coat. Arriving from the north on the east side of my house via the walkway, he started to watch my house.
By walking around to the back of my house and parking pad, from a vantage point in the back parking pad and alley. As I watched he would stop every so many steps and again kept looking into & at my home. He did not see me, as I continued to just be a dog walker to watch him. He finally stopped looking in my house after standing beside my car for 15 minutes, turn 180 and walked right passed me in the park heading south.

Friend - U should call police for suspicious person complaint. Have u ever seen him before?

I called after much thought, as the last time I called the Police was when Joyce passed. As for the peeper, well I have never seen him before!

Friend - Well let's hope it’s just some random weirdo. Perhaps watch after work to see if he always walks by again.

I will. I think that he was looking at my home, as I had all my lights on and I was happy that I had locked the door. Or I thought that maybe he stopped for a smoke but he did not smoke. He walked right into my back parking pad and stood by my Car Ruby and I think that he was looking into my home for movement?

Friend - Freaky!

Yes, I was scared as I am not well enough to defend myself! Yes very freaky, as he did not seem to know who I was when he finally walked by me. With my diabetes I cannot see close up anymore, so his facial details are not that good.

Friend - At least it's not targeted then because he probably and hopefully doesn't know u. He might live nearby & like ur house design. Who knows? People r weird & do weird things for no good reason.

Yes, or he was watching for a reason but what? Maybe he was hoping that I was female, good looking and coming out of my bathroom naked? Thanks for listening, as I feel better now.

Friend - If that's what he was hoping for he would have gotten a surprise. Maybe next time U'll see him & can open the door & say... BOO!
Make him crap himself!

Actually I was walking the dogs, just 30 feet away. I thought of walking by him and into my yard. At the same time asking; "Can I help you?" But my left Cancer arm has debilitating nerve damage; Lucy Dog is blind, Lilly Dog is too small. My heart has 3 stents and that is just for starters, so I chickened out and just watched him. He saw me and did not stop looking in? Scary after 15 minutes and him walking by me right after!

Friend - U have to protect urself for sure!
Make sure u take cell when out so u can take pix/video & then call cops.

I will take the cell for sure; I just forgot it this morning as Lucy Dog had to go, like now! Actually, I will have to take my Cannon as my cell will flash and my Cannon will take photos in the dark with no flash. I will call the Police right away next time instead of waiting but I hate being a bother. This is soooo Unreal! As it seems that the older I get, a little less courage I seem to have each day…  
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Richard Abbenbroek
P.S. To My Wife Joyce, I am Waiting for you, Listening for you, Watching for you, Wishing for you and one day in the future, when GOD decides through CHRIST JESUS; on that day Joyce, I shall be with Him and also be near you again.
For just as you did, one day I’ll leave our earthly home but I’ll never leave you or Him...
Remembering you through every second of every day.
With LOVE, from your STM & devoted Grimm – Amen.

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