Saturday, October 11, 2014


From @CTV An Iraqi Yazidi girl shares horrors of captivity under ISIS.
I am of the opinion that one draw for young men worldwide to join ISIS is this.
For it allows the abuse of women & the ability to treat them as items, never equals.
As for the women who join, they just want to be abusive while they hide behind an all body burka and actually IMO are not real women.
For only weak but abusive men and women would ever join ISIS!
P.S. READ THIS UN REPORT: “They also recounted how women and children who refused to convert were being allotted to ISIS fighters or were being trafficked as slaves ( ‘malak yamiin’ ), in markets in Mosul and to Raqqa in Syria. Married women who converted were told by ISIS that their previous marriages were not recognized In Islamic law and that they, as well as unmarried women who converted, would be given to ISIS fighters as wives… Quoted from page 15, For the full UN report see:
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