Sunday, October 12, 2014


After my Good Wife Joyce went Home, you will hear me say that now I live with, JESUS CHRIST, myself and lastly my 2 puppy dogs.

As having JESUS CHRIST as one’s Roommate is not just an abstract thought for me. For you try to get along with the LORD as one would with any Roommate.
Just by doing the following;

I approach my Roommate about my concerns and gripes in a calm, tactful manner; I don't let tensions build to the point of my boiling temper.

I respect my Roommate's privacy and opinions. Also I try to compromise on sensitive issues.

We both work together through prayer and as I love my Roommates life style, I try to emulate Him as best as I can. He understands though that I may fall short of His perfection. As I know that He will always understand, as we have established in our set of household rules.

Both myself and my Roommate use GOD's biblical word as our roommate agreement. As it outlines our shared responsibilities and spells out methods of resolving any & all disagreements.

I refrain from complaints on others etc. and bring to my Roommate all of my complaints and wants for through Him they all go to our Landlord; Father GOD. This is done in order to maintain good Landlord-Tenant relations and at the same time live in Peace with my new Roommate. As it also helps me from falling short in my Roommates eyes;

Richard Abbenbroek
P.S. To My Wife Joyce, I am Waiting for you, Listening for you, Watching for you, Wishing for you and one day in the future, when GOD decides through CHRIST JESUS that on that day Joyce, I shall be with Him and also be near you again.
For just as you did, I will one day leave our earthly home but never you or Him... 
Written by your STM & Devoted Grimm.

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