Tuesday, July 29, 2014


WAR is not like what our history books portray, inside you will find a few quick to read pages from beginning to end. It is actually a very slow hateful experience and its process really does not last only minutes but a week here, months, a year there. With all of its terrifying and horrific life altering effects lasting decades or many centuries. Till one day all the suffering and death will eventually be but history, once again printed inside a few quick to read pages of a book. Until we have our next WAR, which for us all, we seem to never escape…
War really is a vast open air factory where the hours are long, unions are not permitted, safety conditions that are routinely flouted and people’s lives wasted for at times neither Good or Bad!
No more people have died on this planet then they would have died, if they were not killed in a War.
War just brings these people before GOD much sooner than the many that lived out their lives, to their normally as possible assigned conclusions…
Only the descendants of these short lived were actually eliminated, along with all other future possibilities.
P.S. Because of the recent loss of my Wife, all life is now more precious to me. So my views about WAR have changed. Sad as I can only “Pray for You, & The Rest Of The World” to consider Lives To More Precious As Well!
Hence, maybe “ONE DAY NO MORE WAR”, eh?
With LOVE to you all and all that heaven will allow!
from, Richard…

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